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Work Visas When Moving From Australia to the UK

In 2011 alone, more than 560,000 people immigrated to the UK from other nations around the world. If your international move will bring you to England, Scotland or Wales, you'll need to apply for a UK work visa regardless of whether or not you will remain permanently in the country.

What Is Culture Shock?

Many people joke about culture shock, using it to describe situations when they find themselves feeling different or out of place, but the phenomenon is very real and affects many people who move overseas.

Immigrating to France From Australia

There are three levels of Work Permits issued in France. To qualify for entry into France through the Work Permit program, you must meet the criteria of one of these three permits.

Basics of the UK Healthcare System

If you're moving from Australia to the UK, it's important that you understand the basics of the UK healthcare system and what it means to you. Even though the NHS is intended for citizens, you can take advantage of some free services while you go through the immigration process.

The U.S. Education System

If you're moving to the United States and have a family, knowing more about the U.S. school system can help you decide which part of a metro area to settle in. Additionally, by learning as much as you can about American schools, you can help your children prepare for the transition from the Australian system and eliminate some of their fear of the unknown.

FAQs About Moving Insurance

In both overseas and domestic moves, one of the most important things that is all too often overlooked is moving insurance. Many homeowners aren't even aware that moving insurance exists, and those that do often have misconceptions about what protection is available during their move.

How to Move Your Car from Australia to the UK

When moving from Australia to the UK, special steps must be taken to import your vehicle and drive it on public roads around your new country of residence. The process is intended to ensure that all of the vehicles operated on UK streets and highways are safe for drivers, their passengers and other motorists. To introduce you to the process, here's an outline of the basic steps that you'll need to take.

Understanding Employment Preferences for U.S. Visas

When you're planning a move to the U.S. for work, obtaining the necessary Visa is a key part of the process.

Tips For Using Your Electronic Devices Overseas

Despite their vital role, electronics are one of the most overlooked items when planning a move abroad. With so many things to plan prior to your relocation, it's easy to forget about everyday things like your cell phone and computer. So we've put together this handy list of steps you should take before your move to ensure you have access to your electronic devices and appliances once you move abroad.

Moving to Sinagpore

As many countries faced economic crises, Singapore boasted the third fastest-growing economy in the world. So while people all over the world find themselves looking for work, jobs remain plentiful in Singapore, leading many Australians to consider relocating to the country.

Federal Holidays in the U.S.

The United States has 10 federal holidays. On these days, all federal offices are closed as well as post offices. Most state offices also shut in observance of federal holidays, and because the U.S. Federal Reserve is closed, the majority of banks also suspend their operations. The following list will give you a brief background of the federal holidays.

Moving Schools To The UK

If you're planning a move to the UK and you have children, understanding the school system before you move and explaining it to your kids will help all of you feel more comfortable. To help you all prepare for your move, we have put together a brief summary of the UK school system.

Meeting Your Health Care Needs When Moving Abroad

One aspect of preparing for an overseas move from Australia that many people overlook is finding health care in your new home. Many families have somebody who either requires medication or has a condition that requires medical care. Ensuring that you can seamlessly continue this care when you move abroad is crucial to maintaining good health.

Learning a Foreign Language for Moving from Australia to Europe

If the destination for your move abroad is a country where English is not the primary language, overcoming communication barriers will be one of the biggest challenges that you'll face in your new home. Fortunately, you can help make the transition easier by getting a head start on learning the official language prior to your move.

Requirements for Moving a Pet from Australia to the UK

Your pet is a member of your family, so as you're planning for your relocation to the UK, you should be considering what steps you need to take to bring him or her along with you.

Relocating from Australia to New York City

If you find yourself among those who move to New York each year, the size of the city alone can make it difficult to know precisely where to begin with your search for a new home. We've put together this brief guide to housing options in New York City to assist you.

Corporate Relocation Policies and Expense Management – Move Your Organisation Safely

While safety is mostly associated with the safety of goods and furniture during their shipment to a new destination, the notion of safety regarding corporate relocation takes a whole different turn in many cases.

Keeping Your Special Equipment and Delicate Items Safe

When it comes to corporate or commercial relocation, the use of the best packaging materials is essential to the entire move. It's often the case that the equipment some companies need to move is quite sensitive to vibrations or other outer disturbances and influences, so it can be easily damaged during a long transportation period.

Helping Children Prepare For An Overseas Move

For children, moving from one house to another within the same town can be a scary ordeal, so the prospects of a big move to another country can leave kids feeling especially anxious. Although it's impossible to completely eliminate your children's fears about moving, you can make preparing for an overseas move much easier on them by following a few simple guidelines.

Moving Your Office Overseas

With years of experience, Chess Moving specializes in many different types of office and commercial relocations. With the help of our partners, we have become one of the leading removal and relocation companies in Australia, having worked with numerous companies over the years, achieving only the highest rates of success with all the tasks and challenges we have faced.
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