Moving Libraries

At Chess Moving we have the industry expertise and the specialist equipment to make your next library move simple, secure and 100% reliable. Chess pioneered the library trolley system in Australia which has been specifically designed to meet the special needs of library and archive relocations.

At Chess Moving we are the library moving specialists!

Our special numbered trolleys have been developed to transport complete shelves of library books, so that your sequential library system is preserved while it's being relocated. We simply transfer whole rows of books from your library shelves, to our special trolleys, then replace them intact at your new location.

It's that simple!

At Chess Moving we know protection of your valuable books is imperative, so our trolleys are fully enclosed to safeguard your archives against loss and damage throughout their move.

So for your next library move call the experts on 13 14 69

Look at the Chess Library trolley!

Smooth Interior Sides Chess Moving library trolley full of books
Eliminates book damage during transportation.

Fixed Height Shelving
Protects books from being crushed or becoming "dog eared" during relocations.

Purpose-design - Interior Dimensions
Engineered to allow oversize books, ie. quarto and folio, to stand on shelves. Shelf width and depth allows two rows of books to be packed on each shelf.

Purpose-design - Exterior Dimensions
Trolleys feature narrow overall width to enable easy access between library shelves.

Rapid Access
In an emergency, books can be retrieved from the trolley while relocation is in progress, making Chess Trolleys a "mobile library".

Synthetic Nylon Wheels
Minimise noise and carpet wear whilst trolleys are moved through your library.

Maximum Efficiency
Chess' skilled removals crews are fully trained to pack, transport and reinstall your library or archive for efficient relocation.

Sequential Trolley Numbering
Maintains your library system and enables you to keep track of exactly where specific books are during relocations.

Solid Security
Fully enclosed trolley allows contents to be relocated with contents hidden from view.

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