Anti Bribery Policy

Chess Moving Australia's primary objective is to compete in the marketplace based on a superior service at a competitive cost. The acceptance of gifts and/or benefits may result in or give the impression of influencing you in your dealings with a certain person or company. Therefore, it will be avoided in all instances.

Where refusing a token gift, including a benefit, would offend the individual or affect future business, and the value of the gift or benefit would be considered insignificant, we:

  • Indicate that you are accepting the gift on behalf of the company; and
  • Provide the item to management to determine its use.

Further, Chess representatives are prohibited from submitting or accepting a bribe in any manner or form which may directly or indirectly favour the obtaining or retaining of business.
In addition, if Chess representatives are involved in sensitive dealings or have access to sensitive information; and/or are involved in tendering / purchasing / contracts, etc.,  attempts to influence the outcome will be reported to management at the top level to determine any breaches.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Please note many Australian States are currently under different government enforced restrictions. Please visit your local state or Territories web page for current restrictions. Contact your local Chess Moving office for additional information.

With the corona virus (COVID-19) affecting communities, families, and people around the world, this is a difficult time for all of us. Our hearts go out to all those who have been affected, directly or indirectly. At Chess Moving Australia, our priority remains the health and well-being of our employees, customers, and partners.

Restrictions by State