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How to Move Your Car from Australia to the UK

When moving from Australia to the UK, special steps must be taken to import your vehicle and drive it on public roads around your new country of residence. The process is intended to ensure that all of the vehicles operated on UK streets and highways are safe for drivers, their passengers and other motorists. To introduce you to the process, here's an outline of the basic steps that you'll need to take.


1. Obtain an Individual Vehicle Approval certificate from the manufacturer of your vehicle or from the importer of your vehicle. If you choose Chess Moving to help you with your international move, we can assist you with obtaining this documentation.


2. Pay VAT or vehicle tax based upon the value of your car.


3. Obtain motor insurance from an approved provider in the UK.


4. Register your vehicle. You'll need to provide your Australian registration paperwork, so be sure that you keep it in an easily accessible place amongst your belongings when you pack. When you arrive in the UK, you will be unable to drive your vehicle on the road until you register it. However, laws do allow you to drive your car to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in your local area in order to register the car.


5. Transfer your license. Under UK laws, you may drive with your Australian license for up to one year, but you may want to acquire your UK license when you visit the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency office to register your vehicle. You'll have up to five years to exchange your Australian driving license for a UK license without having to take any type of test or undergo a medical examination.


To learn more about moving your vehicle to the UK and about how we can make the process easier, contact Chess Moving today.


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