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Tips For Using Your Electronic Devices Overseas


Your computer, cellularphone, tablet and other electronic devices are an integral part of your daily life. When you lose Internet or power due to inclement weather or an emergency in your area, the importance of these items becomes incredibly clear as you try to navigate your daily life without them.

Despite their vital role, electronics are one of the most overlooked items when planning a move abroad. With so many things to plan prior to your relocation, it's easy to forget about everyday things like your cell phone and computer. So we've put together this handy list of steps you should take before your move to ensure you have access to your electronic devices and appliances once you move abroad.

1) Research the electrical voltage and plug configurations in your new home country

Once you know the requirements, you can purchase adapters and determine if you simply want to replace inexpensive small appliances like hair dryers, or bring them with you.

2) Read the manual for your laptop or desktop computer or contact the manufacturer

It's important to find out if your computer has a built-in voltage adapter. If not, you'll need to determine what type is necessary. The last you want is to damage yourmost expensive electronics.

3) Determine whether or not your phones can be used in the jacks abroad

If you use a landline, you'll want to be sure that you purchase any adapters for your home phones prior to your move.

4) Contact your cell phone company and inquire about whether or not your phone can be used abroad

While many can be used internationally as-is, some cell phones must be unlocked by your service provider prior to your move, and others will not work outside of Australia at all

5) Gather a list of local Internet services providers in your destination and contact them ahead of time to find the one with the best rates

Discuss with them what equipment you will need to purchase to connect in your new home to be sure you can get your Internet up and running as quickly as possible.


Chess Moving is available to assist you with researching the voltage and plug requirements in your destination country, finding Internet providers and locating adapters for your phones and electronic devices. Give us a call to learn more about our international moving services.



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