Crate Hire Services

Why buy expensive boxes when you can use cheaper eco friendly crates for your next move? The crates offer a cost effective easy alternative to the traditional cardboard moving box.

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Chess Moving crates, showing how easy they are to stack and useful for packing items

Benefits of Chess Moving Crate Hire

Occupational Health and Safety Compliant 

Crates offer an easy safe handling system to ensure staff do not lift full crates at any time.  After delivery, staff simply place an empty crate on a specially designed skate where it stays until unpacking at delivery.  You can stack the crates up to 4 high on the skate and still easily move them around.

Cost Effective

As the crates remain on the skates at all times through the relocation it mean our staff do not waste time loading and unloading traditonal boxes on an office trolley and in and out of relocation vehicles saving time.  This time saving equates to significant saving for your organisation.


All our Chess Relocation Crates have the ability to be locked or security sealed giving you peace of mind your sensitive records and or valuable equipment is safe.


Due to the sturdy plastic construction our Chess Crates offer superior protection to the contents compared with traditional relocation cartons. 

Quiet Operation

The skates are designed for quiet operation in office environments helping to minimise business disruption.

Space Efficient

When empty the crates fit into one an other to ensure minimal space is take up in your office before and after your relocations.

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