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Keeping Your Special Equipment and Delicate Items Safe

When it comes to corporate or commercial relocation , the use of the best packaging materials is essential to the entire move. It's often the case that the equipment some companies need to move is quite sensitive to vibrations or other outer disturbances and influences, so it can be easily damaged during a long transportation period.

This is precisely why Chess Moving takes special care when dealing with all your items. All packaging materials are specifically designed to be as sturdy and reliable as possible, some also being reusable, providing secure transportation for all types of goods.

Appropriate Crates and Cartons

The quality of the crates and cartons that a relocating company uses are the so important when packaging most goods and equipment, as they represent the main safety precaution taken to avoid damage. They will be one of the reasons your equipment and delicate items arrive safely.

The crates that we use are environmentally friendly. They are designed to be reusable, and despite the fact that they are not as expensive as other types of crates, the plastic they are made of is incredibly sturdy, being designed to easily withstand long distance transportation.

They are quite practical and easy to assemble, which means that we will not be wasting time setting up the containers, and we will instead be able to load all the items quickly and easily. Also, they are clean and quiet, being some of the most efficient and easy-to-use packaging materials available.

Unlike other types of cartons, the cartons used by Chess Moving are far sturdier, being twin-walled. This ensures that they can easily remain intact during lengthy travels, and are well-built to withstand almost any type of outer disturbance. Also, Chess Moving cartons can be fitted with complementary labels, and are available in any shape or size, according to what may be required.

Other Important Packaging Materials

Some equipment may require a special kind of packaging material to ensure the avoidance of any type of damage, as it may be exceedingly fragile or delicate in nature. Chess Moving rises above all expectations in this regard, using special materials to effectively protect such items.

We provide various types of plastic bags, computer cages and flat screen protectors, special library trolleys and more. Many of these items are specially designed to protect IT equipment and to assist moving libraries; however, we also provide custom-made packaging materials for various other types of items depending on what you may need.

File relocation is extremely well-organized. We use our own Chess file trolleys, which are specially designed to allow for the entire content of a shelf to be neatly arranged, ensuring the order will never be lost. The trolleys are also numbered according to the sequence of the files, so that no mistakes can be made during the unpackaging process.

Call us now, and benefit from the most professional packaging and shipping services that will keep all your items secure until their safe arrival at your new destination. Our goal is to help you move with minimum fuss and maximum ease.


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