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Corporate Solutions For Relocation Needs

It's one thing to move your own house, but moving an entire organization to another location is a different story. While it may be easy for some companies to offer relocation services to individuals and families who want to move abroad, the task of relocating an entire company, with its employees and their families, as well as all the equipment and resources necessary is far more difficult. Fortunately, Chess Moving International is up to the task.

We offer multinational and global solutions  for any company through one of the world's largest and most experienced relocation groups, ensuring efficient human resource management and covering virtually all types of equipment transportation needs.

Comprehensive Solutions

Corporate relocation services basically entail the application of a wide range of business solutions that involve the transfer of entire departments of a business, as well as the employees with their families to a different location. Now, you must be aware of the fact that not all relocation companies offer such services. Chess Moving is in fact one of the only companies in Australia that are able to provide such a comprehensive list of services to their corporate clients. It allows for an impressively large and complete relocation process, without the necessity of applying to other firms.

Basically, we handle everything:


  • The arrangement of visas or long-term stay permissions
  • The protection of the company's and employee's interests alike
  • Locating new homes for employees and their families
  • New jobs for spouses or partners and new schools for their children


Long Term Services and Reliable Contact Points

Chess Moving doesn't just provide their services for a limited amount of time. Our solutions are long term and geared to assist the company's complete relocation, which may take a while. As a result, our professional removal crews, managers and consultants will ensure that even the smallest steps of the relocation plan are thoroughly thought out, and that resources are managed as efficiently as possible in order to avoid the need for larger expenses.

A Corporate Service Co-Ordinator will be appointed to manage all the services for a specific company. This step is taken depending on whether the various services offered to that company apply internationally or only in Australia. Plus, in order to ensure that everything goes as planned, a Contact Manager will also be appointed in certain cases to keep constant communication between the company and the appointed co-ordinator.

Because we strive to conduct all tasks with the highest level of accuracy and professionalism, the efficiency of the way in which Chess Moving carries out the various tasks related to corporate relocation services has grown considerably in the past few years. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you will find a relocation firm that can handle all your corporate needs as efficiently while still keeping the pricing range as reasonable.

Regardless of your company's relocation needs, Chess Moving can assist you in all your tasks, making your transition fast and efficient. Contact us now and schedule a meeting with one of our representatives to discuss all the details regarding your relocation plans, as well as any specific details you wish to talk about.

With Chess Moving International, you too can benefit from the very best corporate relocation solutions  available.


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