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Corporate Relocation Policies and Expense Management – Move Your Organisation Safely

Helping individuals or families move to a different location - whether in Australia or abroad - differs greatly from the relocation of an office or a company. While safety is mostly associated with the safety of goods and furniture during their shipment to a new destination, the notion of safety regarding corporate relocation  takes a whole different turn in many cases.

This is because it often happens in the case of large organizations which decide to manage their relocation internally. As a result, the management of expenses and relocation tasks is poorly organized, resulting in moving costs skyrocketing far beyond original expectations.

Expenses and Professionalism

Working together with our clients is the basis for all of our endeavors here at Chess Moving . While some relocation companies decide that a single, unchanging plan is good enough for everyone, we consider that flexibility is of the essence when it comes to ensuring not only the best and quickest results, but also the use of the most practical and efficient methods of dealing with the specific requirements of each of our clients.

Our goal is to sit down and talk things over with our clients in order to determine precisely what types of services they require from us, what the exact steps would be in order to fulfill their expectations and how much it would all cost.

Chess Moving professionals have a very good understanding of the concepts of real versus perceived costs, and will never be surprised by unexpected expenses or fees that seem to be required occasionally when the relocating plan lacks a well-defined structure.

Based on all your requirements, the costs we require for various services and the length of the entire operation, we will provide you with a price estimation that is extremely precise, so you will know from the start whether or not it's worthwile relocating.

HR Support Services

Employee mobility is another controversial issue that many companies tend to ignore, and one that Chess Moving professionals emphasise. It's one of the key subjects revolving around the HR support services provided by the company.

Our experts will be able to provide you with the most comprehensive, personalised solution for your employees in a time where so many companies are going global. You'll find how the cost and quality of living in various locations can have a profound impact on your company's employees, and how a well-structured HR plan can effectively improve their performance, while keeping in line with global regulations.

Get all these benefits and much more by simply contacting us via phone or email, and applying for the Chess Moving corporate relocation services. All our methods are efficient and tested over long term periods to ensure that our clients invest less and reap more from their relocation plans.


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