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Relocating from Australia to New York City

As the largest city in the United States and one of the largest in the world, New York City is a common destination for those relocating from Australia. If you find yourself among those who move to New York each year, the size of the city alone can make it difficult to know precisely where to begin with your search for a new home. We've put together this brief guide to housing options in New York City to assist you. 

The Boroughs

New York City is actually comprised of five boroughs, and among these, Manhattan is the area most often associated with the city. The island is where Wall Street and Times Square are located, and many of the other famous sites that are depicted on television and in films. Housing in Manhattan consists of apartments and condominiums. Families frequently settle in the Upper East and West Side neighbourhoods, located near Central Park; in Morningside Heights at the northern end of the island; and in Battery Park at the southern end of the island. Greenwich Village, the East Village, Chelsea and the Lower East Side are popular neighbourhoods for singles and couples.

The other boroughs of New York City offer alternatives for those who want to live outside of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. The neighbourhoods of Park Slope and Windsor Terrace in Brooklyn feature many family-friendly apartment buildings, while Sheepshead Bay and Sea Gate in Brooklyn offer quiet settings.

The Suburbs

Another option when you're relocating to New York City is to reside in the suburban areas, where single-family houses are abundant. New York's public transit system makes a number of areas easily accessible. Some of the most common locales for commuters to live include Hudson, Bergen and Essex counties in New Jersey; Westchester County in New York and throughout Long Island, New York.

To assist you with your move to New York, Chess Moving can provide you with help before and after your relocation. We're here to help with everything from advice on where to look for housing to helping you find schools, medical services and other necessities after you've arrived in your new home.


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