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Immigrating to France From Australia

In recent years, France has tightened immigration laws to reduce the number of unskilled workers entering the country. However, the country's immigration policy still allows for companies to hire foreigners, and will admit a limited number of skilled workers into the country through its Work Permit program.


To qualify for entry into France through the Work Permit program, you must either already be employed by a company based in France, that has an office in France or have received a new job offer from such a company. Your employer or prospective employer must file paperwork to request that you and your family be permitted to enter France and reside in the country. The Work Permit process is lengthy, and if the credential is issued, it is contingent upon you and your family passing medical examinations upon arrival.


There are three levels of Work Permits issued in France.

The “Cadre Dirigeant” or High-Ranking Executive Designation Work Permit

This permit allows for expedited entry into the country, but is reserved for only a small number of people. To qualify for this type of Work Permit, you must meet minimum salary, seniority and tenure qualifications. The laws are very complicated, so in most cases employers hire legal counsel to help them determine whether or not an employee can qualify for a Work Permit in this exclusive category.

The "Detachment" or Temporary Work Permit

This permit is available to those who will be living in France to complete a specific project, fill a short-term vacancy or otherwise work on French soil for a limited period of time. This type of Work Permit is quicker to obtain than the third, general type, but is unavailable to anyone whose move to France is deemed as permanent.

The General Work Permit

This is the final option available both to new hires and seasoned employees who do not meet all of the requirements for the cadre dirigeant permit.


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