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Meeting Your Health Care Needs When Moving Abroad

One aspect of preparing for an overseas move  from Australia that many people overlook is finding health care in your new home. Many families have somebody who either requires medication or has a condition that requires medical care. Ensuring that you can seamlessly continue this care when you move abroad is crucial to maintaining good health.

Here are some basic steps that you should take before you move to ensure your family's health care needs are met when you relocate overseas.

Inquire about your health care coverage

If you're relocating for your present job, contact your human resources department to determine how your health and dental coverage will change when you move overseas. For new jobs, speak to your new employer about the benefits that you'll receive. In both cases, ask about premiums, deductibles and when your coverage will take effect.

Visit your doctors in Australia

Schedule an appointment to meet with all of your doctors - including specialists - before your move. At your appointment, let your doctor know that you're relocating abroad and discuss the continuation of your treatment plan. Your doctor may decide to write you prescriptions that will give you a larger supply of your medications, advise you on how changes in climate may affect your health or provide you with other valuable advice. You may also need updated immunizations before your move, and these appointments are great times for you to receive them. Our team here at Chess Moving can help you determine what immunizations you'll need if you are unsure.

Find doctors overseas

To ensure a seamless transition, you'll want to find new doctors before you move. Use the Internet to research doctors in your local area and ask your doctors for referrals. Chess Moving can also help you locate experienced primary care physicians and specialists in your new home.

Have your medical records transferred

About one to two months before you move, you'll need to contact all of your doctors and ask to have your records transferred to your new physicians. Often, the offices will give you instructions about how to submit a request in writing.

Schedule appointments with your new doctors

Contact all of your new doctors and set up appointments before you move. In some cases, doctors have waiting lists that require advanced scheduling. Setting appointments before you move will also give you one less thing to worry about as you settle into your new home.

By following these simple steps, you can eliminate many of the common problems that people face when they don’t plan to meet their medical needs ahead of an overseas move. Chess Moving can provide you support in many ways throughout the process from giving you background information about the health care system in your new home to helping you connect with new doctors.


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