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Moving to Sinagpore

Tough economic conditions seem to be a plague that has swept across much of the globe, but a small handful of countries remain prosperous during these difficult times. Among them is Singapore, a country that in 2010 - while others were facing economic crises - boasted the third fastest-growing economy in the world. While people all over the world find themselves looking for work, jobs remain plentiful in Singapore, leading many Australians to consider relocating to the country.

Of course, immigration to Singapore is not for everyone, but if you're seriously considering a move abroad, it's important that you keep a close eye on the immigration reform that is currently being considered by Singapore's Parliament.

At the end of September 2012, Acting Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin announced that the country is considering changes to its current immigration laws, which would reduce the number of new foreign residents that the country accepts each year. Historically, Singapore has welcomed foreigners in efforts to stabilize its population. Singapore has one of the smallest birth rates in the world, and workers from abroad have long been seen as integral in supporting the nation's economic growth.

Now, concerns about the availability of jobs for native Singaporeans have led lawmakers to take a new look at the policies in place. There's no word yet on how quickly laws may be changed, but if you plan to move to Singapore in the next few years, you should closely monitor the situation.

As an expert in international relocation, Chess Moving can help you prepare for a move to Singapore. We stay on top of the latest requirements for entry into the country and can help ensure that you comply with all the rules to ensure a smooth move abroad.



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