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Helping Children Prepare For An Overseas Move

For children, moving from one house to another within the same town can be a scary ordeal, so the prospects of a big move to another country can leave kids feeling especially anxious. Although it's impossible to completely eliminate your children's fears about moving, you can make preparing for an overseas move much easier on them by following a few simple guidelines.


Include Your Children

When you're preparing for your overseas move, involve your children in the decision-making process as much as possible. Older kids and teens may be able to help you select the location for your new home or could have a vote in which house you choose. Give younger children the opportunity to decide on the look of their new room or another space in your home, such as a family game room.


Eliminate the Unknown

Many of the fears that children have about moving to a new country can be alleviated by making the place come alive. By browsing the Internet, watching movies and reading books, you can help make your new overseas home feel more real to your kids and eliminate much of their uncertainty.


Emphasise Similarities

Helping kids focus on the things that will remain the same in your new home can reduce some of their anxieties. Let them know what items you're bringing with you from your current home. If your children are involved with sports or arts-related activities, finding leagues, theatres and schools where they can continue to participate in their favourite hobbies before you leave can help reassure them that they won't have to give up the things they love.


Chess Moving is devoted to making your overseas move easier on your entire family. We can help you find resources to educate your children about their new home. In addition, we can assist you with locating extracurricular activities and help you move as many of your belongings to your new home as you wish to help maintain continuity for your kids.



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