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Getting Young Kids Excited About Moving: A Parent's Guide

Getting Young Kids Excited About Moving A Parent's Guide
What is the best way to get kids excited about moving home?

Moving to a new home is a thrilling adventure for adults, filled with possibilities and fresh starts. But for young children, it can be a source of anxiety and confusion. Their familiar world is uprooted, and the concept of leaving behind everything they know can be scary.

This blog is your guide to navigating the moving process with young children, focusing on fostering excitement and positivity for a smooth and enjoyable relocation for everyone.

Involving Kids in the Planning Process

 Involving Kids in the Planning Process

The first step is to acknowledge the move openly and honestly. Talk to your kids about why you're moving, using simple language and focusing on the positive aspects. Open communication builds trust and helps them feel included in the process.

Get their creative ideas flowing:

  • Create a "moving wish list" together. Let them list things they'd like in their new home, like a backyard swing set or a room with a big window. While you may not be able to fulfil everything, involving them shows you value their input.
  • Help them pack a "special box" with cherished toys and keepsakes. This box can serve as a source of comfort during the move and unpacking process.
  • Let them choose the colour scheme for their new room. This gives them a sense of ownership and control over their new space.


Exploring the New Neighbourhood Together

 Exploring the New Neighbourhood Together

Combating the fear of the unknown is key. Before the move, if possible, take a virtual tour of your new neighbourhood with your kids. Look for parks, playgrounds, and libraries using online maps.


Plan a pre-move visit (if feasible):

  • Drive or walk around the neighbourhood, pointing out exciting features like ice cream shops or community centres.
  • Schedule a visit to their new school, if possible, to ease their anxiety about starting in a new environment.


Creating a Positive Narrative About the Move

The way you talk about the move significantly impacts your child's perception. Frame it as an exciting adventure:

  • Use positive language. Instead of saying "leaving," say "We're going to have a new house!"
  • Highlight the opportunities that await them: "You'll get to make new friends in your new neighbourhood!"
  • Emphasise the fun aspects: "We can explore parks and discover all sorts of cool things together!"


Making Moving Fun for Kids

Moving doesn't have to be a chore. Here are some ways to inject some fun:

  • Host a packing party! Play upbeat music, let them help pack non-breakable items, and offer a healthy snack afterward.
  • Create a moving countdown calendar. Decorate it with pictures of their new neighbourhood and mark off each day leading up to the move.
  • Turn packing into a game. Hide small toys in boxes and have them hunt for them during packing.


Maintaining Routines and Familiarity

Change can be unsettling, so maintaining familiar routines provides a sense of security.

  • Stick to familiar bedtime rituals even while packing.
  • Pack a "first night box" with essentials like pyjamas, their favourite blanket, and a familiar stuffed animal.
  • Keep a box of familiar toys easily accessible during the first few days in the new home.


Saying Goodbye with Grace

Saying goodbye to friends, family, and cherished places can be emotional for young children. Here's how to help them cope:

  • Organise a goodbye playdate with their closest friends.
  • Facetime or video call with loved ones they won't be seeing regularly.
  • Create a memory box with photos and keepsakes from their old neighbourhood.


Unpacking and Settling Into the New Home

Unpacking and Settling Into the New Home

Unpacking can be overwhelming for kids. Here's how to make it easier:

  • Set up their room first so they have a familiar and comfortable space.
  • Unpack their favourite toys first to keep them occupied.
  • Explore the new house together as a family, pointing out exciting features like closets and windows.


Getting Involved in the Community

Help your children feel integrated into the new neighbourhood by getting involved in the community:

  • Look for local events or festivals catered towards families.
  • Enrol them in a recreational activity like sports or a club.
  • Volunteer together at a local organisation.


Celebrating Milestones Along the Way

Moving day is just the beginning. Celebrate smaller milestones to keep the move positive:

  • The first night in the new house deserves a special dinner or a fun family movie night.
  • Making new friends in the neighbourhood is a big deal. Celebrate with a playdate or a trip to the ice cream shop.
  • Embrace the process of settling in. Every week, unpack a new box and explore a different part of the house together


Let Chess Moving Help Your Family Settle In

Let Chess Moving Help Your Family Settle In

Moving with young children requires meticulous planning and a focus on making the move smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved. Chess Moving understands the unique challenges families face during a relocation.  We offer packing and unpacking services that cater to children's needs, ensuring a stress-free experience.  Our experienced movers handle your belongings with care, allowing you to focus on creating positive memories with your kids in your new home.  Contact us today for a free quote and let us help make your move a success!




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