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8 Unpacking Tips To Settle In Smoothly

8 Unpacking Tips To Settle In Smoothly

Congratulations, you’re finally in your new place. Moving house is one thing – but getting settled in quickly and easily is another. Surrounded by boxes and simply don’t know where to start? Our expert team at Chess moving share their top moving tips for a stress-free first few days in your new home. 

Get settled in the easy way:

1. Create a clean slate

First rule of thumb – don’t start unpacking. With everything neatly packed up in boxes, now is the time to give your new home a good clean before you begin to unpack. Make the most of all the clear space and give all surfaces a good wipe down. Even if the previous tenants cleaned, it’s a great opportunity to make the space yours and get everything ready for a quick unpack.

2. Make up your bed

Be warned – after packing and moving, exhaustion will hit pretty quickly on day one. Grab your pre-prepared box of bed linens and make up your bed. Having a single spot that’s clean, comfortable and prepared will give you a sense of control – and help you feel rested and prepared for the days of unpacking to follow.

3. Unpack an essentials box

Be prepared – pre-pack a box of everything you’ll need for the first few days in your new home. Toothbrush, snacks, cleaning materials – whatever it is you envisage needing immediately – pack it and relax. Having everything you need in one box saves you tearing boxes, and your hair, out. Take it to your new home yourself or ask your removalist, to make this the last box in, first box out.

4. Set up your bathroom

Unpacking can often be dirty work - get your bathroom gear laid out and ready for that divine first hot shower/bath post-unpacking.  Soap, towels, glass of wine – whatever you need to soothe away all your hard work and celebrate your new home.

5. Get kitted out

Hanging and laying out all your clothes in your new space will make a huge dent in your unpacking, not to mention making your new space really feel like home. It’s also surprising how seeing a filled cupboard can give you the energy you need to face the rest of your unpacking.

6. Allocate your boxes

Break down the tasks – labeling your boxes by room and asking your removalist to allocate accordingly helps reduce what can seem a mammoth task. Opening every box and finding a home for your things, one room at a time, will help you clear the decks quickly.

7. Keep on sorting

Keep on organising so you don’t waste time handling belongings you really don’t need any more. As you unpack and find items for charity, storage or mending add them to a specially labeled box. Keeping them tidy will help you deal with these items later on and help preserve your sanity.

8. Organize a treat

A cold bottle of wine, loud rock music, a box of lollies – whatever encourages you to keep plugging through the boxes, go ahead and treat yourself.  With these top tips you’ll have your new home smoothly settled in no time.


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