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The Importance Of Knowing Your New Location Before Moving

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Moving to a new place comes with changes, it could be the routine change of school, your workplace, and of course your residence. It could also require a change in your lifestyle, especially when you are moving from a metropolitan city to a suburb, or a different country. It could also mean new rules and regulations for the new country/state. The decision/need to move could be due to various reasons including a requirement from the organisation where you work.

As moving to a different location could be a life-changing decision, it is quintessential that you learn more about the place you are planning to move to. Researching and gathering as much information as you can helps in the long run for you and your family. In this blog, we will delve more into the importance of knowing your new location before making the move. We will also get to know more about Chess Moving, which is one of the leading removalist companies in Australia. A locally-owned company with worldwide networking, Chess Moving has helped individuals, families, and businesses move to over 1500 destinations globally. With their offices in every state in Australia, they are easily accessible. Adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality, they are helping people relocate conveniently for over 100 years.

Moving is challenging and the biggest challenge is moving bulky items. Local or international, moving heavy items like furniture, appliances, etc. can be quite a task. While that may be the case for residential moving, commercial moving doesn’t come any easier. There’s machinery and there’s furniture – all of this calls for some really careful planning so as to not cause any damage to people or property.

For over 100 years Chess Moving has been providing effective moving solutions to individuals, residences and businesses. Our expertise extends over all aspects of relocation and moving – be it moving your tiny valuables or bulky impedimenta. Before we let you in on how we help, let us take a look at some tips on how to move large and bulky items safely and efficiently.

let us research more

Let us explore why researching the new location is strongly recommended.

Know The Pros And Cons

Every place has its share of advantages and disadvantages. Learning more about the new location helps you weigh the pros and cons. Understanding a bit about what lies ahead prepares you mentally and facilitates your planning. It is advisable to start learning about the new place as soon as you have thought about the move. Early research may also give you time to look for alternative options if required.

Makes Planning Easier And Practical

Knowing more about the new place makes it easier and more practical to organise everything. Planning gives the kick-start to execute things quickly and conveniently. From managing your finances for the move to making a list of the things you may require in the new city/town, you will be able to chart out what you need and what can be expected. Knowing early on about the likely lifestyle changes, if any, helps smooth transitioning.

Facilities/Amenities For Your Family

Researching the amenities available in your new location prepares you for what lies ahead. When moving to a new location, especially with children and the elderly, it is important to check if there are good healthcare facilities and schools in the neighbourhood. Public amenities such as parks, gardens, libraries, and recreation centres are also an added advantage. You may also want to look for fitness centres and sports clubs.

Knowing The Cost Of Living Helps Manage Finances

Having prior knowledge about the likely expenses in the new location helps a great deal in managing the finances. Understanding the housing rentals, property values, school fees, and any other expenses as per your lifestyle and needs, is crucial before making the big move. Do not forget to check for transportation options in the new location. Knowing whether there is good public transportation available or whether you will need to travel in your private vehicle is also necessary before investing in housing.

Career Options/Work Opportunities And Pay

Researching the various career options available in the new location is a very important step before you make the move. This is even more significant if you are looking for a job change or want to start something afresh. Finding more about the likely pay for your area of expertise or industry will give you a better understanding of the lifestyle you can expect in the new location.

Safety Is Crucial

How safe is the new place for me and my family? What are the rules and regulations? Are there enough safety measures in place? Is the place prone to natural calamities? What about the weather conditions for most of the year? Is the place in the news for reported crimes often? Thorough research answering all these basic questions regarding safety is vital before you finally decide to move!

why hire a specialist 

Once you are done with all the research and are ascertained that you are making the right move, the next step is to plan for relocation. Sorting your belongings and making a list of what will go with you and will be left, checking if all the documents and medical records are up-to-date, looking for potential buyers if you are planning to sell your property, looking for accommodation in the new place, and the list goes on. With so much to do, getting help to pack your belongings reduces a whole lot of burden. What better way than to get professional removalists who are reliable, licensed and experienced.


Choosing Chess Moving as your professional removalist comes with several benefits. We have earned the trust of our customers over the years and are a one-stop destination for all your packing/unpacking needs. Let us see what sets us apart!

Complete And Comprehensive Removalist Service

We offer best-in-class tailored packing/unpacking solutions. Our friendly team comes with all the packing material and is well-trained to pack your belongings efficiently. From assisting with international customs declaration and handling to moving pets and vehicles safely, we do it all. Let us know your requirements and we are happy to assist!

Trusted And Accredited Company

Chess Moving is a reliable removalist company with an experience of over 100 years. We are accredited for Occupational Health & Safety and Quality Management and adhere to the highest industry standards. If you are looking for a safe, convenient, and stress-free removalist service, try us!

Global Networking

Being part of Harmony Relocation Network, the largest removalist network in the world, we are globally connected and have helped households and businesses move comfortably to over 1500 locations worldwide. With our offices in every Australian capital city and a few regional centres too, we are here to help you move comfortably.

Hassle-Free Storage Options

We understand that there may be a delay in your arrival at the destination location. You may even prefer to first pack your belongings and travel at a later date. Whatever the reason, we provide long and short-term storage options to safely keep your belongings.

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