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An Effective Checklist for Hassle-Free Moving

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Moving from one place to another can be a massive task. If you think you can handle it, maybe, you are just being ambitious. But, we are not here to undermine your potential, we are just trying to help you get things straight before you venture all by yourself into this arduous endeavour. Whatever kind of moving it is, a home, an office, a shop, etc., you need to first get organised. It has to be done one step at a time. From planning the move to inventorying all your items, there is a lot to be done and a well-drafted checklist becomes one of the most important steps in moving houses. 

Chess Moving has been a preferred partner for local, interstate and international moves for more than 100 years now. We focus on eliminating the hassles in moving and making it as less cumbersome for you as possible. From moving houses to assisting with commercial relocations, we have it all covered. We also help with furniture and piano removals. Our team can assist you in transporting your pets safely too. In addition, we also provide efficient storage solutions to help you keep your belongings safe while you are away. When you hire us, you get the ultimate benefit of end-to-end services right from planning to effectuating the move. So making the much-needed checklist becomes our responsibility and we know how to make an “all-inclusive” kind of checklist.


You need a professional for all kinds of moves – residential or commercial. If you think you can manage it yourself, here we throw some light on why hiring a professional mover is in your best interests.


There is no doubt that any moving process involves potential chaos of mammoth proportions. But hiring a pro can keep you away from all that chaos. Professionals know – since they are more trained and have ample experience – how to carry through every stage in the process of moving. They know how to keep chaos at bay and even if confusion hits the fan, professionals always have a plan B. So while all this is taking place, you can go about your routine without having to worry about a thing.


Moving Specialists are aware of what goes after what in a moving process. They can make sure nothing is missed that should not have been. Their approach and methods are not only inclusive but also designed to keep the confusion out.


In the case of movers, the company is accountable for the quality of service and for every piece of article that they are transporting. It is on them to carefully pack, load and deliver all our items.


The whole process of moving speeds up when you have a professional hand to assist you. Right from planning to organising, packing and moving, you can have all the work done faster and with pro-level perfection.

Minus the Physical Labour

Moving houses involves a lot of lugging and labouring which you are certainly not meant to do by yourself. Hiring a moving specialist will be the best option as a team of movers do all the heavy hauling while you attend to something that really needs your attention.


As it should be, a professional moving specialist can organise your moving process. Be it inventorying your items or packing every item with due care, professional movers can keep everything organised.


So if you are convinced that you need a professional to do your packing and moving, please keep in mind that you should choose a very reliable and experienced moving service to move houses.

Safety And Quality Compliance

With Chess Moving, you are promised several things and one of them is highest level of service. We abide by every rule and every guideline stipulated for top quality in moving services. We are accredited by Occupational Health & Safety (AS/NZS 4801:2001) and Quality Management (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015) for being safety and quality compliant.

Consistent High Standards

We pride ourselves in being able to deliver high-quality service and we maintain it too. We treat every customer and their needs uniquely. This helps us provide the best service that we can and it turns out to be of the highest standards. Our aim is to provide every customer with a unique and the best customer experience.

Local, Interstate and International Moves

We have been in this trade for more than 100 years and this extensive experience has made us experts in local, interstate and international moves. We have a wide network of associations across the world which helps us facilitate your moving experience in a hassle-free manner. Wherever you want to move, our team can make sure your belongings are transported safely and on time.

Fully Insured

We are aware of the risks involved in moving and the potential damages that could be caused to the people and belongings. Hence we are fully insured and are covered under the Customer Goods in Transit and Storage & Moving Insurance. When you hire the services of Chess Moving, you may rest assured that your belongings are in safe hands.

Australia-Wide Presence

Our offices are located in every major city in every state in Australia. We have collaborations and associations with several moving companies and are present in all parts of the country. Now we also are quite a global company and have several associated partners across the globe too.

Specialist Moving Service

Besides the regular moving service, we also provide specialist moving services like pet transportation. We also have furniture removalists who can carefully remove your furniture and move it safely. We also provide high-security storage systems for you to store your items for the period that you are away.

An Effective Checklist

A checklist for moving houses should be quite encompassing. You should include all things from the most basic to the not-so-very-basic. The challenge is to not take anything for granted and assume that you would remember such things, of course. An effective checklist should be somewhat like this:

  • Find a good moving service
  • Inventory all your items that need to be shipped
  • Buy packaging materials
  • Organise your belongings and pack
  • Label the boxes
  • Update your address
  • Redirect your mail
  • Disconnect all utilities

And the list would continue depending on your individual requirements.

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