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Things you should have at close hand on moving day

Things you should have at hand on moving day

Extra packing supplies

The chances of you finding something in the corner of a cupboard or shed that still isn’t packed is pretty high, so ensuring you have extra boxes, tape and texta pens to ensure these items get to their new home is essential.

Toys for the children

If you’ve got kids, it’s easiest to give them to family for the day, but once they return they’ll be looking for their things. Have a few books, perhaps their Gameboy (kids still like Gameboy, right?) and any other favourites ready to go to help them settle in and also work as a distraction while you unpack boxes.

Screwdrivers, nuts and bolts

Want to rebuild your dining room table immediately? You’re going to need your screwdriver handy.

First Aid Kit and regular medication

Accidents happen and Murphy’s Law says that if you pack that First Aid Kit away, you will need it at some point throughout the day. The same goes for any regular medication you take, especially asthma puffers.

Wallet, keys and phone

Your usuals should all be readily available throughout the day and while this might seem like a no brainer, you’d be surprised how often people pack one or all of these items only to wonder where they are later in the day. Your keys are especially essential, as you can’t let the removalists into your new home without them.

Toilet paper

Both at your old and new houses.

Bin bags

For swift clean up of anything that is floating around and has to go.

Water & Snacks

Moving makes you both hungry and thirsty, so organise water to keep your team hydrated and snacks to keep their energy up throughout the day.


You’ll be desperate for a hot bath after your long day moving, so ensure you can make it happen by packing a small toiletries bag to tide you over until you can unpack everything else.

Pet food and bowls

Fido and Fluffy can’t order take out like you can, so make sure you’re prepared to help them settle in with a tin of their favourite food out of their regular bowl.


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