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Moving for education or training? Apply for a student relocation allowance!

Do you need to move for tertiary study within Australia? We show you how to get a student relocation allowance and financial support, so you don't have to live off toast!

student relocation allowances

No doubt you agree, there's nothing cheap about moving or studying.

And when you need to do both, it's like getting hit with a double whammy, minus the support.

But what if there IS assistance, to help with everyday costs?

You could receive a student relocation allowance or general assistance, if you tick all the boxes.

This goes towards removalist costs, food, bills, rent and more - making it easier to focus on your studies, even if you're moving far.

Our article looks at financial help for domestic tertiary students:

We talk about specific relocation assistance to help you move, as well as payments for general expenses.

student relocation allowances regional

Student relocation allowances (regional or remote areas):

Are you leaving the green pastures of the country and moving to the city, to further your higher education?

Or perhaps you're MOVING TO a regional or remote area within Australia, for this same reason.

Whatever the direction:

You may be eligible for a government Relocation Scholarship, which covers moving costs and other expenses.

This is largely for dependent students who receive a Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY Living Allowance (more on these later).

How much can you get?

If you're moving out of your family home, which is in a regional or remote area:

  • $4,459 in the first year
  • $2,231 in the second year
  • $2,231 in the third year
  • $1,115 for every year after that

Students moving TO a regional or remote area FROM the city:

  • $4, 459 in the first year
  • $1,115 for every year after that

Students moving from one major city to another:

  • Nothing

You can read more information about the Relocation Scholarship here.

relocation grants universities and colleges

Relocation grants from universities and colleges (Australia wide):

Your university or college may provide relocation assistance to cover moving costs, depending on where you're going.

To give you an idea, here are some tertiary institutions that lend a hand:

To give you an idea, here are some tertiary institutions that lend a hand:

Are you planning to study elsewhere? No problem, we've got your back.

The Good Universities Guide has a handy search tool for finding scholarships and relocation allowances.

Make sure you check it regularly, to avoid missing deadlines!

relocation assistance for apprentices

Relocation assistance for apprentices:

The Living Away From Home Allowance helps Aussie apprentices who need to move for training.

Eligible full and part-time apprentices receive support during the initial three years.

So, how much do you get?

$77 a week for the first year, $38 a week for the second year and $25 a week for the third.

Tax free!

To apply, fill out a form with your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider.

But you won't be eligible if you:

  • Already receive Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY (more about these below)
  • Get rental or accommodation assistance
  • Lived out of your family home for at least three months, before the apprenticeship starts.

government financial support for students

Government financial support for students (general costs):

Nobody wants to choose between eating a decent meal and buying books for college.

Yet this is reality for 17 per cent of Australian students, who regularly go without food.

Most people aren't this desperate, but still worry about paying for living expenses and student loans.

Thankfully, there's some relief:

Centrelink gives financial support to students who meet their criteria. If you need extra cash but haven't already applied, get onto it, since waiting times can be long.

Youth Allowance

This is for young people aged 16 to 24, who are studying full time or doing an apprenticeship.

Students who need to move from their family home to study or train will get a higher payment than others on Youth Allowance.

This applies to people who must:

  • Travel more than 90 minutes by public transport to their place of study
  • Complete part of their Australian approved course overseas
  • Live at their tertiary institution while studying

Payments generally range between $244 and $489 a fortnight, depending on circumstances.

If it's unreasonable to live at home for personal reasons beyond education, you may get a higher rate. This includes family violence and circumstances that threaten your wellbeing.

Students with a disability can get extra support through the Youth Disability Supplement (up to $127 a fortnight). This is automatically allocated to eligible people on Youth Allowance (or ABSTUDY).


You could be eligible for Austudy if you're a full time student or apprentice aged 25 and over.

You must be an Australian resident who's studying an approved course. The payment you get depends on your income and assets.

To give you an idea, most single people receive $445 (no children) or $584 (children) a fortnight. The rates for couples are similar.


This payment applies to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students or apprentices in an approved course.

ABSTUDY assists with education costs, as well as housing, for those who need to travel. Students living away from home get higher rates, to help manage the cost of living.

Payment generally ranges from $244 to $590 a fortnight, depending on individual circumstances.

If it's unreasonable to live at home for health or safety reasons, you could get more support.

Pensioner Education Supplement

Pensioners may receive an extra $31 to $62 a fortnight, on top of their regular payments, if they're studying an approved course.

rent assistance for students

Rent assistance for students:

A little extra money goes a long way when you have to pay for rent AND study expenses.

Having this safety net can free you up to focus on other costs (like hiring a professional removalist).

This payment is available for students who already receive support from Centrelink.

But it doesn't apply if you're moving away from home for less than 12 months. There are other exclusions too, including:

  • You're renting from a state or territory housing authority
  • You own the home you live in, or are buying it
  • Your partner already receives rent assistance

An eligible single person can get up to $134.80 a fortnight, as long as you're paying at least $120 in rent a fortnight.

The Australian government has more information about eligibility and payment rates for rent assistance.

Student start-up loans from Centrelink:

Students receiving Youth Allowance, Austudy or ABSTUDY Living Allowance can apply for a voluntary $1,055 loan. It's tax free.

This goes towards living, moving and studying expenses. You can get it up to two times a year.

But don't forget:

You must repay the government once you earn a certain amount. Be sure to weigh up whether or not this is worth it for you!

Financial help for students - travel assistance:

Students who move away from home to study may get a fare allowance.

If you're eligible:

Centrelink can cover at least one return trip from your home to your place of study.

This applies to students receiving Youth Allowance, Austudy or the Pensioner Education Supplement.

The money can be spent on different modes of public transport (plane, ferry, train, coach, bus). Private transport can also be funded, but only when necessary and justified.

There's nothing cheap about a return trip home, especially if there's a lot of distance to cover!

Do you fit the criteria? It's worth trying your luck and applying, so you can save your money for other costs.

removalists for students

Chess Moving is one of Australia's best national removalist groups

A lot can go wrong when you attempt to move yourself! Consider spending some of your student relocation allowance, grants or benefits on professional services, so you can focus on settling in.

This is where we come in:

Chess Moving has been voted as one of Australia's top moving companies, according to independent reviews. We leave no stone unturned, offering door-to-door assistance.

Our affordable local, regional, interstate and overseas services include:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Short and long-term storage
  • Cleaning services
  • Vehicle and pet relocation
  • International customs management and more

We're also one of the first Aussie companies to offer free video quotes, for your convenience!

Simply visit this page to get a quote, book a home visit or obtain a quick price indication.

If you have any questions, contact our team on 13 14 69.

And if you're a job seeker looking for a change of scenery, check out our info about relocation assistance for work.


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