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Chess Moving online video survey - the new way to get quotes!

There’s no doubt that technology makes life easier. These days, we can access quality services with the simple click of a mouse, or tap of the screen.

Why should moving your belongings be any different?

Chess Moving is using new technology to deliver an effective, convenient and free quoting service - where you call the shots, any time you like.

We’re one of the first Australian companies offering free video quotes!

Our video service allows you to enjoy the benefits of having a professional assess your property, without letting them in. This means you get the expert advice, but you don’t have to clear your schedule to accommodate the surveyor.

Perhaps you need to book the service outside of business hours? That’s fine too - we work around the clock to meet your needs. Our virtual survey gives you the best of both worlds - the accuracy of a physical quote, combined with the flexibility that digital tools provide.

You can always refer back to the video further down the track, if you have any specific questions. We also place the file on a secure server, which means your privacy is protected at all times.

All you need is a smartphone or tablet, and you’re set to go.

There are two options, and it’s up to you:

  1. You can send us a pre-recorded video of your possessions and we’ll send you a quote, as soon as we’ve assessed it. This gives us a clear picture of what you want to move, and the space you’re operating in. OR
  2. We can guide you through the entire process, using live chat. Our surveyor will ask you to walk from room to room, recording the items you want to move. This allows us to focus on any items that may require special attention, such as a fish tank.

Do you have narrow hallways, or steep stairs that require careful navigation? No problem. We can anticipate any complication that might occur on moving day - so you can enjoy peace of mind.

It’s as simple as booking an appointment for a video survey.

We’ve listened to our customers and know what you want.

We understand that relocating can seem daunting at first. Our mission is to make this as easy as possible, from the moment you contact Chess Moving.

Your precious belongings are in good hands, every step of the way.


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