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How to save on electricity bills and power retailers when moving house or office?

Comparing power retailers can help you save on electricity bills (and other utilities) when relocating, even if you're only moving down the road. Do your research before moving interstate in Australia or overseas. 

Imagine spending the first week in darkness at your new home, because you forgot to contact your power retailer.

This is probably NOT the way you want to save on electricity bills when relocating (unless you relish the thought of eating out of an esky for days).

Worse yet, imagine getting an energy bill for your old home one month later, because you forgot to disconnect.

It’s easy to forget to change your energy provider details when you’re moving house or managing an office relocation. This is particularly true during hectic December - when you’re juggling last minute Christmas shopping with starting a new chapter in your life!

Moving house: change of address - what if you don’t update your utilities before the big day?

Don’t panic if there’s no power when you move to a new home, or if you haven’t switched off from your previous location.

Contact your power retailers and ask if they can connect or disconnect you straight away. Some companies offer same-day electricity connection services, or do it the next business day. This also applies for other office and household utilities (water, gas, telephone, internet).

But this can be costly and there’s no guarantee you’ll get urgent service. It’s best to sort out your utilities at least one week before you move - whether you’re renting or purchasing. You may even need more time, if you’re moving house over Christmas or during other holiday periods.

Sorting out your utilities can be as easy as clicking your mouse, thanks to the internet. Some energy providers allow you to disconnect and connect electricity by changing your address online. They usually need at least three business days to switch off your previous location and put your new property on their grid, so don’t wait until you’re sealing the final box before you kick into gear.

Contact your retailer about the transition as early as possible and look out for any fees associated with changing address.

Worried about high energy costs and want to save money on bills? Consider switching power retailers...

Electricity prices have nearly doubled over the last decade, in most parts of Australia. If you feel apprehensive every time you get a new bill, you’re certainly not alone.

Moving to a new home or office can help you to save water and electricity. It’s a good opportunity to shop around for a cheaper retailer, since you need to go through the motions to reconnect with your current provider anyway. However, depending on your existing contract, there may be a termination fee.

It’s important to do your research to find the best deal. This is one resource that helps you to find the best energy provider in Australia, through a comparison service.

Are you moving interstate in Australia? Energy regulations in states and territories...

If you’re moving to NSW, Victoria or the ACT, you’re free to switch energy retailers without being blocked by government regulations.

But restrictions exist around changing electricity and gas providers in:

  • South East Queensland
  • Parts of South Australia

You generally can’t switch power retailers if you live in regulated energy states and certain areas:

  • Western Australia (with the exception of gas - consumers have some choice here)
  • Northern Territory
  • Regions beyond coastal South Australia
  • Regions outside of South East Queensland

Please keep in mind that energy costs can vary significantly, depending on the region you’re in.

Chess Moving has offices in every Australian state and territory...

Chess Moving is based around Australia, so we’re well placed to handle all your relocation needs. We can also point you in the right direction when it comes to navigating energy regulations and power retailers.

If you’re heading overseas, we provide the same level of quality moving services. We’re part of a network of international removalists called the Harmony Relocation Network. This means we can help if you have questions about relocating and global utilities.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our local, international and interstate moving services.


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