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7 Ways to Reduce Stress During an International Move

Moving house is so stressful that, according to research, it makes people look and feel two years older than they really are. If the average move is such a traumatic experience, you can only imagine how most people feel when they’re moving overseas. But you need not pull your hair out or grind down your teeth before starting your overseas adventure. Just try these simple tips to keep your stress in check.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

An international move requires a lot of paperwork, including passports, work permits, and other visas. Obtaining these documents can be a lengthy process, so it’s important to submit your applications as early as possible. Take note of the expected time frames for each document so that you know when you’ll receive your papers. If you feel the predicted approval is too close to your intended departure date, consider expediting your application. Express services will cost extra, but it’s worth paying a few bucks to save worrying before your move.

Arrange Your Accommodation

Knowing you’ll have somewhere to stay when you touch down will also help ease your mind. If you’re moving to pursue a work opportunity, housing may be provided. If not, you may decide to book a hotel or stay with friends or relatives while you search for a local property to rent or buy. Speak to hotel staff or your loved ones and make them aware of the situation, so you can stay for as long as you need. Make sure you also arrange for storage of your stuff until your property’s found.

Organising accommodation before you leave is another option. International real estate websites will let you browse property information and photographs, or even take a virtual tour. When you see a home that takes your fancy, contact the real estate agent and explain your situation. Most will happily accept remote applications. If you have contacts in the local area, you may also like them to inspect the property before you make any agreements.   

Work With Family Members

Unless you’re moving solo, there are other people who can share your stress and help reduce your emotional burden. Don’t feel that you need to shoulder all the arrangements alone, even if you’re moving to pursue a job opportunity or to be reunited with your relatives abroad.

Delegate age-appropriate tasks to all members of your household, from your partner to your youngest child. When aspects of the move aren’t going as smoothly as you’d like, put your heads together and problem-solve to find a solution. Sometimes all it takes to reduce stress is simply having an ear to hear you out and a shoulder to cry on. When everyone gets involved, the stress of moving is shared; no one person has to bear the load.

Hire Professional Movers

Even if you’ve never used movers before, an overseas move is a great to time to bring in the professionals. They’ll take some of the stress from your shoulders by sorting out many of the things you and your family would otherwise manage.

Look for a moving company that’s experienced with overseas moves, such as Chess Moving. As part of the UniGroup Global Network, the world’s largest removalist network, Chess Moving can provide you with information and quotes for moving to more than 1500 international locations.

Some of the services a good moving company will provide including tailored door-to-door or door-to-port moving, customs management, pet relocation, and the management, documentation, and handling of air or sea freight.

Research Your New Location

Much of life’s stresses come from not knowing how things will pan out. This is a situation that many people find themselves in when they’re moving to another country, especially if it’s one that’s unfamiliar to them.

You can reduce this stress by doing some research before you leave. The Internet puts a wealth of resources at your fingers, from information about schools to the best local restaurants. Join local social network groups and find forums for expats, so you can learn about the lifestyle before you depart. This practice is also a great way to make friends in your new neighbourhood ahead of time.

Take Advantage of Employer Services

If you’re relocating at the request of your company, your employer may offer a number of services to help ease your mind and aid your transition. Some will arrange a preliminary trip abroad so that you can scope out housing, local schools, and your new living situation. Others will provide cross-cultural training for employees and their family members, so everyone can understand the new culture and its values a little better. Other common employer services include help finding accommodation, setting up utilities, and opening bank accounts. Enquire about these services to make sure you’re taking advantage of all that is on offer. 

Make a Moving Day Deadline

Sometimes the best way to deal with stress is to put one foot in front of the other. A moving day deadline will help you do this, reminding you what you need to do months, weeks, and days before moving day. Some employers relocating their workers provide these, or you could find a good sample timeline online. Ticking items off the list and observing that you’re on track can really help settle your nerves.

Any time you move house is stressful, and that’s especially true of an international move. However, these tips can help you minimise the hassle when you’re heading overseas.


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