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Why Removal Company Storage Is Better Than Self-Storage


Removal Storage

Whenever you require extra storage, whether you are moving to a new home or opening a new business, it can be hard to choose between self-storage and removal storage. Making the right decision can benefit your project dramatically, so it is important to learn more about the positives and negatives of each option to ensure you can make the most informed choice. Read on to uncover the facts about self-storage and removal storage and why removal company storage is better than self-storage.

What is the difference between removal storage and self-storage?

Many differences separate self-storage from removal storage. Each of the service has its unique selling points to attract its target audience. Removal storage facilities are run by specialist moving companies that perform various services, assisting you from the very start by transporting your goods from A to B. Self storage is a more stripped-back alternative, offering a simple storage space that you can lock up and leave.

On the other side removal storage services can assist you with safely packaging your items before putting them in storage to make sure your stuff does not get damaged whilst being transported or stored. Sometimes, self-storage facilities can provide boxes, but many choose not to employ on-site staff to keep costs down. On the other side, removal storage offers a far higher level of customer service as well as a greater eye for detail. In contrast, a self-storage is a bare-bones approach for those seeking the most affordable choice. 

Why choose a Removal service with storage? 

One of the biggest benefits that removal storage companies offer is transportation. Utilising a self-storage facility means you will have to pack up and move all of your stuff, potentially even on your own, if you have no family or friends to lend a hand. In addition, if you are planning on storing a large amount of stuff, you will likely need to make multiple trips in your car to transport everything into your unit if you choose a self-storage option.

As a result, removal storage is a godsend when you need to transport and store big items like mattresses , sofas or large commercial items. Such pieces are often so tricky to handle and move without the necessary equipment, assistance or experience. When using a removal company storage facilities, you can make the most of their fleet of specialist vehicles as well as their expert staff. Having access to such knowledgeable staff is the next positive. Knowing you can call on an experienced employee to assist you in your storage project can provide you with the peace of mind you need to complete the task stress-free. It is harder than you might expect to securely package your belongings efficiently, as you will soon get confused and overwhelmed. At this point, you can get in touch with your removals contact and request some support!

Suppose you are prepared to run the risk and not pack things as carefully as you could. In that case, any fragile items may get damaged during transportation, whilst unstable stacks of boxes may collapse and wreak havoc. Another important selling point that removal storage offers is time efficiency. Getting all of your items into a self-storage facility in an organised manner takes considerable time and energy, meaning you might even have to book time off from work to see your project through to the end.

If you decide to hire a removal company to take care of your storage needs, you will only need to be there to provide access to your items! You can even save money in the long run by opting for removal storage, as you will miss out on extra fuel costs for transportation and would not have financial responsibility if anything is broken or damaged during the transportation and storage of your items. Any good removals service will provide their cover or insurance that protects both you and your items throughout your project, so you can sleep sound knowing that your valuable possessions are in safe hands no matter what happens.

A trusted team will know just how valuable your items are both financially and emotionally speaking, so they will have an array of stock and materials that are used to protect your stuff from damage. Dust sheets, strong boxes and padded foam are just a few of the things that removal storage workers utilise when taking your goods from A to B.:

Why choose self-storage? 

Self-storage offers a completely different type of service compared with removal storage, as it focuses more on quantity over quality. Self-storage facilities often house hundreds of thousands of individual units, sometimes varying in size, making it quick and easy to access a free locker. As there are usually so many units available, you might be able to access a locker on the same day that you sign up or show interest. Hence Self-storage solution can be helpful if you need a last-minute storage solution, as you may be able to book your unit upon arrival. Unfortunately, you will likely have to pay a sign-up fee when you first register your details. Therefore this factor should be considered into your budget to make sure you have the funds to afford it all. One surprising feature that is apparent in many self-storage locations is the lack of on-site staff. Though this may cause issues if you need any assistance, it can still help keep costs low thanks to an absence of paid salaries. Affordability is one of the biggest selling points of self-storage. The lack of extra services is reflected in the price. However, it is important to perform sufficient research into the continual costs of your self-storage option, as many can rise as much as 10% per year. Finding a plan that caps your total spending will allow you to keep control over the price that you pay, but this means you need to spend some time searching around to source the most worthwhile option. A self-storage is a good option for people who like to complete tasks in their way, as it can be a struggle to let someone else pack up and transport your things when you are particularly trusting.

Making the right choice for your unique needs will dramatically impact your storage projects success, so you must take the time to weigh up the pros and cons before coming to a final decision. If you seek an attentive, supportive service that surpasses your requests and requirements, goes above and beyond your expectations, then chooses removal storage. If you want to handle every aspect from start to finish on your own without any intervention, then self-storage might work for you.

If you are looking for a brilliant removal storage company that can help you to package up, transport safely and store your belongings, then look no further, as you are in luck! Chess Moving group. Chess Moving is a wholly Australian owned and operated removalist company, with offices in every Australian capital city and some regional centres, providing relocation services to individuals, families, and businesses. We are also a shareholder member of the Harmony Relocation Network and several Australian and international industry associations, with industry experience dating as far back as 1887. You can rely on the Chess Moving group to provide dependable, helpful and friendly removalist services, as well as top-quality storage facilities too. Our knowledgeable team will give you the best advice for your unique situation. We pride ourselves in providing clean, secure warehouse facilities and high-security storage that meet government-approved standards. We offer a broad range of dust and vermin proof storage options with full safety features and fire protection systems for ultimate peace of mind. When you store with us, we take a full inventory and carefully label your goods using the latest technology systems.

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Chess Moving Storage Solutions include:

Furniture storage

We offer a range of furniture storage solutions designed to meet your needs. Our secure and managed warehouses can handle all of your goods professionally and with care, from specially made heavy duty crates to protective padding and electrical goods store. 

Personal storage

Providing secure and convenient storage to house your items, sports equipment and more, with a range of storage unit sizes to meet your individual needs. 

Commercial storage

Chess Moving Australia, Asset Relocation Management System (ARMS) is designed to help professionals manage non-active assets more efficiently and with greater clarity by visually booking and grouping assets for storage or movement online. 

We're proud to offer professionally managed facilities all over Australia and (through our various partnerships) the rest of the world. No matter where you are, we can help you source top-quality removal services and secure storage for an affordable fee!.

We have storage facilities in the following locations:











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If you are planning to move or relocate to any corner in Australia, and looking for assistance in storage , removals and searching for a reliable, trustworthy removals firm, Chess Moving would love to hear from you. We employ additional safety measures and robust infection control strategies to protect our customers and we pride ourselves on offering an incredible service at an affordable price.If you’re keen to discuss your plans in more detail and get a free quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. 

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