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Moving to Singapore?

Chess Moving can help you move and settle into your new home, through our membership with the largest removalist network in the world.

Singapore has become a magnet for the growing list of Australians moving overseas to build their careers.

This is hardly surprising, since the commercial hub of Southeast Asia has some of the best living conditions in the world. Foreign companies enjoy many business opportunities, thanks to the safety net the government provides. They can also tap into a strong labour force, where assorted skills thrive in a multicultural market.

Singapore is celebrated for being clean and safe, with some of the lowest crime rates. Residents benefit from an excellent public transport system, top class healthcare facilities and a diverse culture that promotes tolerance. The “Lion city” has even been ranked the fourth healthiest country.

Before moving to Singapore, you should be aware:

You need the correct visa to work or study in Singapore

If you’re planning to work or study in Singapore, you’ll need a valid visa before you start.

This resource explains the various visa options. If you want to enrol in tertiary education, or put your children into preschool, primary or secondary school, you can find useful information here.

Law and order

There’s a reason why Singapore is one of the safest and cleanest places in the world - their government is very strict. Chewing gum is an offence and littering carries heavy fines. Most public areas prohibit smoking cigarettes. Drugs are strictly outlawed in Singapore and traffickers could face the death penalty.

Road safety

Although Singapore is a very safe city-state, pedestrians don’t have right of way, so use crosswalks whenever you can. Keep an eye out for cyclists as well, since there are no dedicated bike lanes.


Quality healthcare in Singapore is affordable and accessible, if you have access to the socialised system or you’re insured. There are many facilities to choose from, but a trip to the doctor can be expensive if they don’t accept a direct bill settlement from your insurance company. To avoid this, you can ask your insurance company which doctors provide a direct settlement option.


Owning a car in Singapore is very expensive, thanks to heavy customs duties, taxes, insurance fees, tolls and parking costs. Luckily it’s easy and cheap to get around using the extensive and efficient public transport system. Cabs are also pretty affordable!


Rent is very expensive, although there’s plenty of choice. You might find more affordable options if you’re willing to move further away from the central districts.

We can help to smooth out your transition….

Our experts take the stress out of relocating, by doing as little or as much as you like! Planning, packing, storage, unpacking, furniture removal, moving insurance, cleaning, customs, pet relocation and more - we can handle it all for you.

Chess Moving belongs to the global Harmony Relocation Network, which means we can connect you to vital resources that will help you settle into Singapore. We go out of our way to make sure you have all the information you need to adjust to your new life.

Contact Chess Moving to find out how we can make moving to Singapore easier for you.



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