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How to Get Paid to Move Overseas | Relocation Packages

Imagine if you could get paid to move overseas? We look at financial relocation packages and other incentives that reward you for working, studying or living in a foreign town or city. Chess Moving can help you find these opportunities, as well as handle the relocation.

how to get paid to move overseas

Moving overseas is a thrilling prospect for anyone who can't shake the wanderlust out of their bones.

So many of us feel this way, it seems.

In fact, growing numbers of Aussies are packing up their lives and crossing oceans to work, study or retire.

Unfortunately, there are countless obstacles to navigate too.

Many people are put off by the challenge of finding a job, making friends and adapting to foreign customs.

And the cherry on top?

High costs that come with relocating!

But there could be a way to save money, if you're moving to an area that's trying to attract residents.

A little-known fact is that many governments and councils around the world can help cover the costs of a move, or provide other perks to support you.

It sounds too good to be true, right?


Read on to find out how you can get paid to move overseas.

Here's a snapshot of some of the destinations offering overseas relocation packages or benefits:

overseas relocation packages

Why are overseas governments and councils paying people to resettle?

Reason number one: fill skill gaps

More companies are struggling to find workers who have the right skills, largely due to rapid shifts in the labour market.

One solution?

Recruit from other countries to fill the gaps.

Governments simply can't deliver adequate services for their citizens, if there's a shortage of essential workers like healthcare professionals, labourers and engineers.

New Zealand, for example, desperately needs more teachers - a situation that's expected to reach crisis point by 2030. This could have serious repercussions for their economy, if nothing changes.

New Zealand is in good (or bad?) company too, as other countries look to recruit offshore.

To give you an idea of some of the professions in hot demand around the world:

  • Brazil: sales executives, tax coordinators and managers
  • Canada: software developers, cyber security experts, skilled tradespeople
  • Chile: developers, site managers, senior controllers
  • Colombia: product managers, supply chain managers, financial controllers
  • Mexico: quality managers, solution sales, engineering plant managers
  • USA: construction estimators, clinical research associates, software developers
  • Australia: engineers, senior accountants, digital professionals
  • China: digital, eCommerce and internet professionals
  • Hong Kong: cyber security experts, sales professionals, developers
  • India: chartered accountants, business analysts, software engineers
  • Japan: data scientists, medical doctors, mobile application engineers
  • Malaysia: digital marketing experts, developers, general managers
  • New Zealand: auditors, software specialists, construction managers
  • Singapore: cyber security professionals, accountants, auditors
  • Austria: system engineers, risk managers, firmware developers
  • Belgium: technicians, IT analysts, accountants
  • Czech Republic: IT professionals, engineers, sales representatives
  • Denmark: medical advisors, project managers, business controllers
  • France: tax specialists, developers, biostatisticians
  • Germany: software developers, hardware developers, IT consultants
  • Hungary: java developers, data scientists, automation engineers
  • Ireland: engineers, architects, auditors, software developers
  • Italy: export managers, customer service managers, operation managers
  • Luxembourg: java developers, cost estimation engineers, trilingual assistants
  • The Netherlands: account managers, software engineers, sales managers
  • Poland: developers, cyber security professionals, project managers
  • Portugal: maintenance engineers, accountants, developers
  • Russia: design engineers, product managers, specialists in big data
  • Spain: property portfolio experts, sales people, data analysts
  • Sweden: accounting and payroll professionals
  • Switzerland: software developers, hardware development engineers
  • United Arab Emirates: mobile development experts, senior sales managers
  • United Kingdom: data analysts, civil engineers, IT architects

Are you looking for a new adventure in any of these professions?

It's worth finding out if any suitable relocation packages are being promoted by governments, councils or companies. Chess Moving can help with this!

financial relocation packages

Reason number two: boost population

Although there are concerns about global overpopulation, some countries actually have shrinking populations.

In fact, many towns and cities around the world must contend with dwindling and ageing demographics.

There are more deaths than births every year in Spain, for example. Residents are also increasingly abandoning certain towns.

But Spain isn’t alone in this. Demographic decline is already a reality for nine of the 56 countries that Forbes examined in 2017.

The negative impact on these societies is expected to worsen over time:

  • Shortages in the workforce
  • Reduced consumption
  • Businesses closing down
  • Greater spending on healthcare, social security and pensions
  • A sluggish economy

Unsurprisingly, many governments are now using incentives (like cheaper houses) to lure foreigners to their shores, in a bid to fill population gaps.

Why not take advantage of this?


get paid to move to another country


Chess Moving can help you get paid to move to another country

Getting paid to live abroad sounds like a one-way ticket to bliss, but this isn’t easy to set into motion.

It can be tough to identify suitable opportunities in foreign cities and towns.

Luckily for you, we've been moving people for more than a century. As members of the global Harmony Relocation Network, we have strong connections around the world.

This helps us to find the best overseas relocation packages for our clients.

Here are some of the ways you can get financial support.


Get paid to move overseas (relocation allowances & dividends)

Ponga, Spain

Ponga, a centuries-old village in Spain's Asturias region, is beautiful and rich with tradition. Unfortunately, it lacks much of a population, with only 800 inhabitants to its name!

As such, the village is offering to pay young couples a sum of 3000 euros to move there, with an extra 3000 euros for every child.

But there are a few stipulations involved. Every family must legally bind themselves to live in the village for at least five years, for example.

If you're young, active and drawn to sun-drenched climates, however, Ponga is difficult to resist.

relocation packages

Candela, Italy

Like Ponga, Candela is a picturesque village with a dwindling population and dozens of empty panoramic houses.

Candela's mayor recently offered newcomers money to settle there, in an attempt to add to its 2700 inhabitants.

Winding alleys, clean air and zero traffic. Sound like something you could get used to?

Keep in mind that successful applicants must find a job with a minimum salary of 7500 euros to be eligible. The relocation allowance will also differ, depending on family size.

We don't want people flocking here thinking they get to live off the town hall's revenues, all new residents must work and have an income.

(Council employee to CNN)

Alaska, USA

Alaska has struggled to build its population, despite being one of the most beautiful places on earth.

The culprit? Freezing temperatures!

Decades ago the state government created a fund that pays people to live there, in a bid to boost numbers.

How much do residents get?

Alaska's Permanent Fund shares a portion of the state's mining royalties. This changes, depending on a handful of factors. For example, each resident received $2000 in 2015, when oil prices were high.

Yes, you read that right - no small amount.

This is a decent offer if you're looking to move to the States but need financial help to do so.

However, you need to live in Alaska for one year before you're eligible to receive the incentive (as a US citizen or permanent resident). By this point, you would have paid your relocation costs yourself, but this money can help to replenish your bank account!


overseas relocation allowances


Relocation packages for teachers moving to New Zealand

The Overseas Relocation Grant (ORG) encourages local teachers to move back to New Zealand.

Perhaps of greater interest to you:

It also helps teachers who aren't citizens to settle there, with a generous relocation package.

The government has put $2 million into the scheme, which covers 100 overseas grants for each financial year.

If you're a teacher who's trained overseas, you can get up to $5000 to reimburse your moving expenses. Nationals returning to their motherland will get up to $7000.

To be eligible, you must meet certain criteria and may need to sit an International Qualifications Assessment (IQA).

You might be exempt from this requirement if you’re from:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Fiji
  • Ireland
  • England
  • South Africa


Britain will pay Australian doctors to move to the UK

The UK government wants to attract Australian doctors, by offering overseas relocation packages.

There’s a serious shortage of doctors in the UK, which is alarming.

Many patients are developing health problems as they’re forced to wait for weeks to get an appointment.

One solution?

Britain’s National Health Service is planning to give $34 000 (AU) to Australian trained-doctors who want to relocate to work in the UK. This cash incentive is also designed to entice British GPs back home.


Denmark takes care of your health and welfare

Denmark is a great hub for entrepreneurs who hope to start a business. Although there are no relocation packages, you get a two-year working visa and access to one of the finest health systems in the world.

And let's not forget about the open door to the EU single market.

Newcomers can expect to feel safe and looked after as an expat here. Not for nothing has Denmark been celebrated for having the best living conditions!


moving overseas for work


Get paid to move overseas to start a business


Do you have a viable and unique business idea relating to technology, innovation or similar?

You may be eligible for a government program that encourages people to set up here.

Mauritius is somewhat of a wildcard for entrepreneurs, as its start-up scheme only offers 20,000 rupees, which is around 800 Australian dollars. However, the cost of living is low, as are the corporate taxes.

This is a tempting option if you're attracted to sun, sea and easy-going living!


Enterprise Ireland is a scheme that offers pioneers thousands of euros to live and work here. Participants can access lucrative opportunities, as well the EU single market.

However, please note:

This support takes the form of equity investment and only after you've set up your headquarters.


Budding entrepreneurs might be interested in Chile's offer to pay people around $45,000 to launch their business there.

The government set up numerous programs for startups. There are many perks and participants get a one-year working visa.

What’s more, the program is conducted entirely in English, making it accessible to many professionals around the world.


international relocations


Graduates receive tuition support in Saskatchewan, Canada

Canada's Graduate Retention program offers Saskatchewan residents up to $20,000 CAD to cover tuition fees.

Payments come in the form of tax credits spread over seven years. The scheme is open to people living in the province who've graduated from an approved program at an eligible institution since 2007.

It applies to international graduates too!

Visit this page for more information.


Cheaper new homes in Kaitangata, New Zealand

Not enough people live in Kaitangata, so the town is selling new homes with four acres for $230,000 NZD.

This is much cheaper than the rate they normally go for (roughly $590 000 NZD). A great opportunity for those looking to get onto the property ladder.


Read about New Zealand's immigration rules, to find out how to apply for a visa.


Relocation packages for techies moving to Hawaii from San Francisco

San Franciscan techies are being offered up to $10,000 to transfer to Hawaii, thanks to a scheme set up by Zapier. This is one example of companies paying for their employees to work from another location.


Cheap real estate and low cost of living in Portugal

Portugal has been hailed as an enticing destination for retirees, thanks to the climate, food, cheap accommodation and general costs. To give you an idea, a couple can live comfortably in the city with only $2250 a month. This is a major draw-card for many, even though there are no specific relocation packages.


get paid to move overseas


Relocating overseas for work, study or retirement? Chess Moving can help...

Our team can find towns and cities that pay you to live there. More importantly, we can get your belongings there in one piece!

So much can go wrong when you attempt to relocate yourself, without the support of experts.

If you're lucky enough to get paid to move to another country, consider spending some of your relocation allowance on professional services. This way, you can focus on more important matters, like starting your new life.

Chess Moving is one of the best moving companies in Australia, according to independent reviews.

We understand that relocating can be incredibly challenging, so we provide affordable and practical services.

These include:

  • Research and preparation
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Short and long-term storage
  • Cleaning
  • Vehicle and pet relocation
  • International customs management and more

Our clients also love the fact that we offer free video quotes!

You can visit this page to book a visit to your home, arrange a quote or see rough prices.

Contact our friendly team on 13 14 69 if you have any questions or want more information.

And if you'd rather move within Australia, check out our articles about national relocation assistance for work and study.



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