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Moving to NSW? Interstate removalists you can count on!

If you're taking the plunge and moving to NSW from another state or territory, it pays to plan ahead. Chess Moving can help you, as professional interstate removalists. We also assist people coming from overseas.

New South Wales is the oldest state in Australia and it boasts the strongest economy.

It may also be the nation's most versatile region.

Sprawling beaches line the coast, surrounding lively cities. Skiers flock to the snowy mountains in the south and thousands of people enjoy country life in the outback.

Who says that one state can't have it all?

Life quality also ranks pretty high on a global scale, as far as healthcare, education and employment go. As a bonus, the weather is fairly decent throughout the year.

It's easy to see why more than a quarter of the Australian population call New South Wales home.

And numbers are expected to swell by 35 per cent over the next 22 years.

If you're crossing state lines to join the ranks of people living in New South Wales, it helps to be prepared. Not only do Chess Moving's overseas and interstate removalists take care of your belongings, we also help you settle in.

Moving to NSW to boost your career?

Although Sydney, the capital of NSW, is the most expensive city in Australia, it’s also the primary business hub.

On a wider level, NSW has the strongest performing economy in the nation. Globally competitive salaries attract people from around the world looking to boost their careers. Many Aussies from other states and territories also find employment opportunities in New South Wales.

High growth areas include research, tourism, communications, aquaculture, biotechnology and renewable energy. NSW’s manufacturing industry is also the largest in Australia.

Migrants interested in moving to NSW for work may apply for a Skilled Nominated visa.

There are programs available for skilled migrants who are keen to start a business in New South Wales.

Australians with a disability can also seek government support when moving to NSW, through the National Interstate Portability Protocol.

Government relocation assistance when moving to regional NSW:

If you crave fresh air, a change of pace and affordable living, it might be time to move to country NSW.

Albury, Dubbo and Tamworth are some of the towns encouraging people to embrace a tree change, as part of the Evocity campaign.

The campaign aims to change perceptions of life in a regional city and encourage people to live, work and invest in an Evocity. It showcases the abundance of opportunities in the Evocities due to their lower cost of living, strong career and business opportunities and enhanced lifestyle.

People who live in rural and regional areas tend to be happiest, according to the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index.

And it looks like there's plenty of incentive for those seeking greener pastures.

If you're planning to move to country NSW for work, you might be eligible for government assistance (up to $6000). You can use this to pay part of your rent, bills, job expenses and removalist costs.

This could be the perfect option if:

  • You're registered as a job seeker with a jobactive provider
  • You're participating in Disability Employment Services
  • You've been receiving an eligible income support payment for the last 12 months (such as Newstart, Youth Allowance or Parenting)
  • You have mutual obligation requirements

The NSW government is also improving regional communities by pumping an extra $1.3 billion into infrastructure and services.

Thinking of moving to NSW but not sure where to relocate? Here are some hotspots:


  • Home to over 4 million people
  • Financial and business hub of Australia
  • Leads the nation in a range of sectors: digital economy, manufacturing, professional services, research, education and tourism
  • Most expensive city in Australia


  • Major regional city, two hours drive north of Sydney
  • Booming local economy and tourism
  • Relaxed lifestyle
  • Population of more than 2.5 million people
  • Close to the Hunter Valley ("wine country")


  • Regional city with population of 35 000
  • Few hours drive from Sydney
  • Home to historic sites and architecture


  • Celebrated for its fresh produce and wines
  • More than 39 000 people live in this country town
  • Employment opportunities in education, healthcare and social assistance


  • 90 minute drive south of Sydney
  • Beautiful coastal town, surrounded by national parks
  • Population of 260 000 people
  • Growing opportunities in retail, hospitality and construction

The Snowy Mountains region

  • Home to Australia's highest mountain
  • Popular location for skiing, mountain biking and winter snow sports
  • Cooma is the largest town in the Snowy Mountains region
  • Cooma has affordable house prices and low costs

Canberra (part of the ACT but enclaved within NSW)

  • Capital city of Australia
  • Home to Parliament House
  • Australia's political heart
  • Population over 400 000

Moving to NSW - quarantine regulations | interstate removalists can guide you:

Navigating Australia's quarantine laws can be a headache, especially if you're moving interstate and assume that most items are fine.

It's worth noting that NSW is a potato biosecurity zone, which means that potato plants and materials are off limits.

Other items that you definitely can't bring into NSW include soil, banana planting material, grapevines, cuttings or budwood.

You need a permit or certificate for other items, such as honey, rice, agricultural equipment and livestock.

The rules change depending on what state or territory you're coming from, so read this guide carefully.

Like the rest of Australia, NSW has strict quarantine laws for a reason. If you’re coming from overseas, it’s worth finding out more about this before you travel.

Our local, overseas and interstate removalists can point you in the right direction, if you have any questions.

Driving in NSW

If you’re moving to NSW from another state or territory, you can only use an interstate licence for three months. You’ll need to apply for a transfer to a NSW driver licence after that period, by visiting a service centre.

There will only be a fee if your licence is close to expiring or the deadline has already passed.

You will also need to register your vehicle in NSW. Please note, there are severe penalties for driving an unregistered or uninsured vehicle.

If you’re coming from overseas with a permanent visa (or you’re a permanent resident) you can apply for a NSW licence. For those who are staying for more than three months without a permanent visa, you can apply for a temporary overseas visitor licence.

Chess Moving overseas and interstate removalists can simplify your NSW relocation:

Chess Moving has more than 100 years' experience in the industry. We're based in many locations across Australia, including New South Wales. Whether you're moving from overseas or interstate, we can help with:

  • Door-to-door planning, preparation and packing
  • Moving
  • Pet transit
  • Cleaning
  • Secure storage in our facilities
  • Full packing and unpacking
  • Research on quarantine, regulations and your new community

Please contact us if you would like to know more about our local, international and interstate moving services.


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