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How to relocate your pets to Australia

You’ve decided to move to sun-kissed Australia, but can’t bear the thought of leaving your beloved pet behind. Understandable! No doubt your pet is an important part of your family.

In our previous post, we explored Australia’s strict biosecurity laws, which protect our delicate ecosystem, but may complicate matters for those wanting to bring their pets here.

This week, we’ll explain how to move your pet to Australia, so they can join you on this new adventure.

If you’re bringing your cat or dog from New Zealand, you don’t need an import permit. But if you’re moving from Group 2 Countries (rabies-free), or Group 3 Countries (rabies is absent or well-controlled), you’ll need to get an import permit for your cat or dog from the Australian Government.

Not all animals can enter Australia. Cats, dogs and horses can be imported from approved countries, but these are the only pets that can move here, for the most part. Pet rabbits and birds can’t enter Australia, unless they’re from New Zealand and even then, restrictions apply.

If your dog or cat is coming from a non-approved country, they’ll need to live in an approved country for at least six months before coming to Australia. The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources provides useful step-by-step guides for Group 1, Group 2 and non-approved countries, that’s worth checking out.

No matter what country you’re moving from, this isn’t the kind of decision you can leave until the last minute. You’ll need to apply for a permit months before your move. The first step is to check that your pet is eligible to travel to Australia. This article provides a general overview of eligibility criteria.

Pets that arrive in Australia from Group 2 and Group 3 countries need to be quarantined for at least 10 days in Australia. It’s a good idea to submit your reservation as soon as you’re granted an import permit, since the quarantine facility fills up quickly.

There’s a lot to consider, when taking your pet to Australia, and so much legislation to wrap your head around. It can be overwhelming, especially when you’re busy planning other aspects of your move.

Chess Moving can guide you through the entire process. We work closely with caring professionals at Jetpets Animal Transport, to make this journey as pleasant as possible.

Feel free to contact us for more information.



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