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Will My Items Pass Through Quarantine?

Australia has some of the world’s strictest quarantine laws, so by moving away from it you’re automatically moving to a country that is far more relaxed when it comes to quarantine and customs laws. This in itself is a good thing, as Australian’s are raised to think carefully about what they’re travelling with and what they’re purchasing overseas, so when you’re packing up your house you’re likely to be intuitively aware of what may cause problems at the border of your chosen country. However, there are definitely still a few things you may not have thought of, so we’ve compiled a shortlist of items you may want to reconsider before packing...

Your pet

Fido or Fluffy is part of the family, we understand that, but unfortunately you can’t just take them on the airplane and waltz into your new home without any issues. Every country has required vaccinations for incoming domestic animals, so you’ll want to do some research on the requirements for bringing in a pet. JetPets, our partners in moving your pet to every corner of the globe, can assist with this as well as organising quarantine at both ends of the journey.

Some fur or skin productsWhile real fur products are becoming harder and harder to come by, many people still have fox or rabbit fur in their closet, often due to a late aunt or grandmother who passed their beloved clothing along. Of course, while rabbit and fox isn’t likely to cause any problems at the border, several animal skins will cause problems at various customs borders around the world. Generally reptile skins, stingray skin, wolf, bear and deer skin and anything made from elephant or rhino hide will need to be declared. If you’re at all concerned, pass these belongings over to a family member staying in Australia and send for them once you’ve spoken to the authorities at your new home.


While there have been stories about even Australian customs allowing people to enter carrying certain seeds for crops (yeah, we’re as shocked as you are!), don’t expect every border to be so nonchalant about you carrying your favourite native Australian flower seeds into their territory. If in doubt, ask them at the border – it’s better to have these seeds destroyed by the border police than to find yourself in trouble with the law later down the track.

Prescription medications

When departing Australia, especially if you’re moving to the USA, you may be tempted to bulk-purchase any prescriptions to avoid having to pay the hefty costs of acquiring them overseas. Should you want to take this route, it’s important to obtain a letter from your doctor, all accompanying written prescriptions and to have all the containers sealed properly, preferably in your hand luggage so that you can easily declare them at the border. Unlabeled or open prescriptions may cause issues at the border, should they be found.

Untreated wood

While almost all wooden furniture is made from treated wood and should pass through easily, without a second glance, if you’ve had something custom made or perhaps built it yourself, you may find you run into problems if the wood or animal skin used hasn’t been properly treated. Having an expert glance their eye over it in advance can be useful, otherwise we recommend saying goodbye to these items and starting anew in your new home.


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