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What You Need to Know Before Moving Your Car Overseas

One of the thorniest tasks of moving abroad is figuring out how to get your vehicle transported overseas. You probably have a slew of questions, such as how to physically move the vehicle, how much it'll cost, and what relevant laws apply.

While moving a car overseas can be complicated and costly, the following guide breaks the process down into a few simple tips to ensure that moving your vehicle internationally goes smoothly.

Shipping Vehicles

Use a Trustworthy International Shipper

Chess Moving is a shipping company that specialises in international moving and offers international vehicle relocation. On average, the price to ship a car abroad depends on the distance across the ocean as well as the distance from the vehicle to the port, the vehicle's size, and the cost of shipping insurance.

What you'll need to import and drive your vehicle legally will vary from country to country, but your vehicle must meet all safety and environmental regulations of the destination country. Professional relocation consultants will assist you in the completion of any necessary paperwork.

Fill Out the Paperwork

The requisite paperwork to ship a car overseas can be daunting, between what your shipper needs and what the destination country demands. The paperwork your relocation company will need includes a letter from your lien holder (if applicable), two copies of a notarised title, a Declaration of Dangerous Goods, and a Shipper Export Declaration.

Remember that you'll also need to insure and register your vehicle once it arrives. The registration process is different for each country. For example, in the U.K., you can find all the necessary forms online to register an imported vehicle.

Purchase Shipping Insurance

Your current car insurance policy may cover international transport, so check with your carrier before you ship your vehicle. If you don't have coverage, you'll need to purchase a separate shipping insurance policy. Expect to pay about 1.5 to 2.5 percent of your vehicle's value.

Wash and Empty the Vehicle

Make sure to thoroughly wash your vehicle prior to transport -- most countries have laws requiring imported vehicles to be free of foreign soil to prevent importing pests. Likewise, you'll need to clean out all loose items from the vehicle, as some shippers won't accept cars with personal belongings in them.

Before shipment, have your vehicle fully serviced so it'll be in working order when it arrives. Finally, make sure you disconnect your battery, leave only a quarter-tank of gas, and remove items like spoilers and luggage racks.

Perform a Final Inspection

Carefully look over your vehicle prior to shipment to make note of any pre-existing damage. Once your vehicle arrives, remember that you'll also owe taxes, tariffs, or duties, which will be calculated according to your car's value or the engine size.

Moving a car abroad doesn't have to be a headache if you prepare properly or enlist the help of a professional relocation company.

If you require assistance relocating your vehicle to or from Australia, contact the Chess Moving team on 13 14 69.


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