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Tips for Finding a House Overseas Before Moving

Finding a new home in your destination country is obviously one of the most important parts of moving abroad. If you're like many people, you may be unsure of precisely how to find apartments for rent or units and homes to purchase in foreign countries. To help make the house-shopping or apartment-hunting process easier, here are seven sources that can help you as you plan your move.

1. Your Moving Company - A full-service moving company with experience moving Australians to your destination country is likely to have contacts with landlords and real estate companies abroad.


2. Your HR Department - Sometimes, companies will offer relocation assistance to help you find temporary or permanent housing.


3. International Realtor Organizations - Search online for the national realtor association for your destination country to find reputable realtors abroad.


4. Contacts Abroad - If you have friends, family members, co-workers or acquaintances in your destination country, ask for their advice and assistance finding a new home.


5. Newspapers - Search the online real estate listings of the major papers in your destination city to find information.


6. Real Estate Websites - Use a reputable real estate search site to see available properties. The best sites vary from country to country. and are very popular in the U.S., while and are reputable UK property sites.


7. Australian Realtors - Some Australian realtors have offices abroad or specialise in international home sales. You can do an internet search to find offices in your local area.


For assistance with your international move, call Chess Moving. We have extensive experience handling relocations to many destinations abroad, and will be glad to help you find the perfect home.



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