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How To Save Money On Relocation Costs

How To Save Money On Relocation Costs

Moving into a new home can be exciting, but also quite stressful. Packing up all your things can take up a lot of time and energy. You’ve then got to consider the cost of moving. How will you afford the move?

There are likely to be big costs involved with moving home, such as a mortgage deposit or rental deposit. You’ve then got to consider the cost of moving your possessions. This can vary in cost depending on where you plan to move to and how many items you have to move. Moving a few blocks away with only a few possessions? You may be able to get away with not spending much. Moving to another state and having a lot of belongings to transport? The price could be a lot more expensive.

Covid-19 has affected many people’s incomes over the last year, which could make affording the cost of relocating all the more difficult. Fortunately, there are lots of nifty tricks when it comes to saving money on the cost of relocating. This could make it much easier to afford your move on a tight budget. Below are just a few ways to save money on relocation costs. 

Should I relocate my stuff myself?

If you’ve only got a few items to move and you’re moving locally, you may be able to save money by hiring a van and doing the move yourself.

However, if you’re moving to another city or another state and you’ve got a lot of stuff to move, hiring a van might be out of the question. You'll almost certainly have to make several journeys over several days, and the total cost of fuel and van hire could be prohibitively expensive (even more so than hiring a moving company). It’s also a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Most people choose to hire a moving company when relocating. When you choose a moving company, like us you’re likely to be able to put all your stuff in a lorry, which can reduce the number of journeys necessary. Hiring professional movers like us also takes away a lot of the stress of carrying, loading and transporting your belongings. Want to move local , Interstate or International , just call us for a free quote.  

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Shop Around For Moving Company Quotes

Not all moving companies charge the same rates. Some have a lower hourly rate than others and some will have a lower travel fee or even lower costs for certain items. For this reason, it can be worth shopping around for quotes. You can then choose the company that offers the lowest quote.

At Chess Moving we offer free quotes to all our customers. As a large and well-established company, we’re able to charge competitive rates that are ideal for those on a tight budget. You can apply for a quote online here.

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Take time to declutter before you move 

One of the more commonly overlooked moving tips which will save your money is taking the time to declutter before you move. The less stuff you have to transport, the quicker it will take to move-and the cheaper it will be.

Many of us have items gathering dust in our homes that we don’t want or need. Instead of packing these items and taking them to your new home with you, consider getting rid of them now. You may be able to do this as you pack-by starting the packing process a few months in advance, you’ll have time to dispose of your personal belongings most properly.

It may be possible to sell some of your unwanted possessions. This could include taking them to a local second-hand store, selling them online or hosting a yard sale. Any money you earn from this could be put towards moving costs. Think about which unwanted items you may have that may be valuable.

Alternatively, you could consider donating items. There may be people whom you know whom you could give some of your items to, such as family members or friends. Alternatively, you could try donating some stuff to a couple of local op shops. You could even consider giving away items for free on Facebook.

Anything that can’t be sold or donated can be dumped. It could be worth hiring a skip a couple of weeks before you move and challenging yourself to fill it to help you get rid of all that stuff you don’t need.

Moving is the best time to declutter as it’s an opportunity for a fresh start. You’ll have to sort through all your stuff anyway while packing, so you may as well take it as an opportunity to filter out the clutter.

Are you Planning a Temporary move? Why not put items in our storage?

If you’re planning on only moving somewhere for a short period, there’s no use in transporting all your belongings with you. A better solution could be to put some of your items into local storage. You’ll have to pay a small fee to hire the storage unit, but it could be a lot cheaper than paying to take this stuff with you. You can then access it when you get back.

At Chess Moving, we have secure warehouse facilities for short, medium or long-term storage. These can be used to store everything from furniture to sports equipment. Our storage facilities are secure, fire-proof and pest-proof, so you can rest assured that your items will be in safe hands. You can read more about our storage facilities on our site. By choosing Chess Moving, you’ll also have access to exclusive deals (including 6 weeks of free storage in some cases). Looking for a Storage Space? Enquire with us 

Take time to disassemble items

Some items could benefit from being disassembled before the move and then reassembled in your new home. Not only could disassembling these items be essential for getting them out of your home and into your new home, but it could allow them to be transported more compactly. This could allow more items to be transported in one journey, potentially saving you a lot of money on the overall cost of the move.

A few items that could benefit from being disassembled could include beds, wardrobes, desks, swing sets, trampolines and cubby houses. Any flat-pack items may still have instructions that you can use to disassemble and reassemble them yourself.

Here at Chess Moving, we can help you with the disassembly and reassembly of certain items. The dismantling and reassembly of beds are included in our quote. Additional fees may be charged for disassembly and reassembly of other items. Feel free to call us to find out exactly which items we’re able to assemble and disassemble. 

Protect your items from damage during transit

Looking for other moving tips which will save your money?

Making sure that your possessions are well protected during transit could be another way to save you money. Accidents that can occur during a move-this could lead to a valuable item being broken and needing to be replaced. Hiring a trusted moving company such as Chess Moving can prevent the risk of such accidents. However, there are other ways in which you can further protect your stuff to prevent potentially costly damage.

Using the right packaging is just one simple and effective way to protect your valuables. Materials like bubble wrap, flat-screen protectors and computer cages can help to protect fragile items. At Chess Moving, we supply a range of packaging materials that can help you to safely transport potentially fragile items-you can talk to one of our staff members about such materials for more information.

It could also be worth investing in moving insurance. Such insurance can help to pay out compensation if any items are damaged during transit. This is something you hope you never need, but if disaster strikes, you'll be glad you have it. You can find out more about moving insurance on our site..

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Chess Moving are here to help you move house under COVID Safety Plan

Save money by choosing Chess Moving!!!!

One of the best ways to save money on relocation costs is to use a professional and reputable moving company such as ourselves. We offer a vast range of moving services at affordable rates. Our staff are also professionally trained to move all kinds of items efficiently while handling them with great care.

Our relocation services are available both to residential and commercial customers. If you’re thinking of relocating your office or store, we can help you to move your equipment and inventory.

We’re able to handle local, interstate and even international moves. No matter the distance that you plan to move, we can help you to plan your route and get your move underway. We have offices in every state capital in Australia and an international team for those making a journey overseas.

Got pets that you’d like to move? We can also help you to relocate your Pet animals and reduce anxiety along the way. We’ve partnered up with Jet Pets, one of Australia’s largest animal transport companies, and can provide you with professional advice to help with your move.

You can check out our FAQs for more information on what we provide. Apply for a quote online today or ring us at 13 14 69.

Are you looking for a removalist company to make your move much easier? Chess Moving has a comprehensive plan to ensure a seamless move for every client, whether local, interstate or abroad. With decades of experience providing reliable, helpful and friendly removalists services, Chess Moving offers an additional integrated safety plan to guarantee completely safe moving for every one of your family members and team. Reach us now to know how we can assist you.

Choosing Chess Moving

Whether you’re moving locally, interstate, or overseas, you can count on Chess Moving to provide dependable, helpful, and friendly removalist services. Our knowledgeable staff will give you the right advice and deliver on time, every time.

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