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Planning your next move? It’s time to book your removalists!

According to the ABS, Australia is one of the most mobile countries in the world, with 15% of the population relocating domestically in the year prior to the 2016 Census, and 39% moving house in the five years prior to 2016. This mobility is driven by a variety of factors, such as changing demographics, the state of the economy in different states, and housing affordability, amongst other social and cultural shifts.

While mobility has actually been on a slow decline since the 1990s, the ABS reports that younger Australians are on the move in increasing numbers, with one-third of people aged between 20 – 29 moving house between 2015 and 2016, and almost a quarter of those aged between 30 – 39 relocating during the same period. One of the significant reasons for this rise is the increased proportion of the younger population that is either renting or moving interstate, with housing affordability being a key driver of this mobility.

Seasonal shifts also effect when these moves take place – for example, house auctions and sales slow towards the start of December, not picking up again until late February the following year. This means that those who have either purchased or sold a house between July and August will usually be settling and moving in during December, January or February. Summer is also a time when young people are moving around the country or to the cities in preparation for the start of the university year, or taking up new jobs following completion of their certificates or degrees.

Another reason the summer months are busy in terms of moving is that most people take some time off from work, allowing them to focus on all the things they need to do to ensure a smooth relocation. And of course, if you have school-aged children, the summer holidays are a perfect time to move house, particularly if the shift involves changing schools.

All and all, we’re clearly a nation of movers, which is interesting, given how highly stressful the experience of moving can be – in fact, a recent UK survey identified it amongst the top most challenging life events, both physically and emotionally. And given there’s probably very few amongst us who have never moved, we all know exactly what the process involves and how time-consuming and demanding it can be.

There are so many things to remember prior to moving house, it’s crucial that you start planning around eight weeks before moving day. This obviously includes beginning to think about your removalists, particularly if you’re moving over the summer months. Start doing some research, read some reviews and, once you’ve made a list of possibilities, talk to the top two or three options about available dates and what extra services they offer. For example, Chess Moving offers a range of moving related services, such as storage solutions, car and pet transportation, cleaning and valet services, and comprehensive moving insurance, all of which can ease your load during a move.

Once you’ve booked your removalists, it’s time to write that crucial ‘to do’ list. Below are some pretty important items we think you should add to your pre-move checklist:

  • Redirect your mail
    If you know your moving date, you can set up your mail redirect at any time, paying for a couple of months to ensure you have time after you move to change your address with all the relevant bodies.
  • Organise utilities
    Give your providers a call and schedule disconnection of the electricity, gas and Wi-Fi at your old house, and organise connection at your new home. You’ll also need to book a final reading of your water bill.
  • Update your address
    While your mail redirect gives you time to update your address with service providers, such as banks, insurers and your Superannuation company, it is imperative you change the address on your drivers’ license and vehicle registration, as failing to do so can incur a fine.
  • Prepare for the pets
    If you have pets, moving can be very stressful for them as well, so making a special place for them in your plans is essential. You might want to consider putting them in a kennel for a few days over the period of the move, or organise for them to stay with family or friends. Once the move is complete, allow for a few days of extra attention while your pets settle into their new surrounds.
  • Pack a moving day kit
    Putting aside all the things you’ll need on moving day is a great way to ensure the day runs as smoothly as possible. Pack items such as felt-tipped markers, paper, packing tape, a hammer, pliers and a screwdriver, snacks and drinks to keep your energy levels up, cleaning products and a few first aid items, just in case. And make sure you keep your phone charger handy, as the last thing you need is to run out of battery at a crucial moment.
  • Confirm with your removalists
    One week before moving day, give your removalists a call to confirm time, place and date, to make sure everyone is on the same page. This will not only give you the peace of mind that the move is under control, it also assures your removalists that you have everything ready to roll at your end. And nothing is going to make your move as stress-free as possible more than an open and trusting relationship between you and the people transporting your belongings.

With branches right across Australia and over 120 years’ experience in the industry, Chess Moving is a great choice for a hassle-free local or interstate move. Get in touch with us today to book your next move on 13 14 69 or visit the website.  


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