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Covid Restrictions Are Relaxed In NSW - Planning To Move Interstate Or Local

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New South Wales government have eased restrictions for double vaccinated individuals as of 18 October 2021 - excellent news for those who are looking forward to a residential or a commercial move and have been planning them for a while. As most Australian media has said for the past few weeks, if you're planning to travel interstate, you need to have double doses of the COVID-19 vaccine if you don't want to quarantine. If you plan to move interstate, you also need to have a double dose of the COVID-19 vaccination as mandated. So when you are ready to pack up and go, Chess Moving is here to help.

With Chess Moving, you get expert removalists who help you plan your move from start to finish. We know how much effort goes into a residential action, and if it's a commercial move you're looking to complete, we're here for that, too. Unfortunately, the pandemic has pushed back the plans of many, and whether you are moving for business or pleasure, you need to start making those plans again. Having the right removalists on your side is going to make planning your move an awful lot easier.

Chess Moving: Booking Early Saves Time!

With the easing of restrictions and people able to move freely across Australia once they're double vaccinated, and international movement ramping up, you need to book in as soon as possible with the experts at Chess Moving for your next step. Christmas is coming, and families are going to be reuniting, ready for the holiday season. So if you are planning to move back to your home town, now is the time to book as we're predicting a big rush at this time of year.

Taking your family from one home to another is an exciting movie. However, it can be stressful when you're trying to go it alone, right? You don't have to panic about trying to get your packing done early - we offer a service to help you with that. Why would you want to pack the house up with the kids running around when you can take them out for the day and let us take over?

Assisting your business with your commercial move would be our pleasure, and if you are looking at a change this summer, give our team a call. Our removalists are fully insured and experienced when it comes to commercial moves. All of the technology you want to shift from one place to the next is safe in our hands!

Chess Moving: Residential Services

Chess Moving has been in the business of moving residential clients since 1887, both locally and overseas. People come to us because of our professional stance on moving - through each of our removalist team are friendly and happy to work closely with you to give you the service you expect.

We offer local removal services to those who want to move to a larger or smaller property nearby. If you're going to hop and skip a couple of states, we're here for that, too. But, if you want to jump on a plane and move your things to the other side of the world, our specialist removalists can help you plan your move precisely. We don't just impact your items, either. We can move your pets, your cars and we'll clean as we go with our specialist cleaning services. Need comprehensive insurance? We've got you! So, how else can Chess Moving help you?

Local Removals

If you want trustworthy removalists who can get you from A to B without the rest of the alphabet, Chess Moving is the company to turn to. Your local residential move is one of our specialties, and we're more than happy to help.

Interstate Removals

Moving to another state is a big deal, but when you have Chess Moving working with you, you get to get on your plane or road trip to the next state with as little stress as possible. We specialise in stress-free removals - even interstate!

International Removals

Are you going global? Great, our experts are here to walk you through it. Of course, it's not easy to get your things to the other side of the world, but it is much easier when you rely on Chess Moving to help you out.

Moving Furniture

Our dedicated removal services include moving your furniture where you need it to be. So whether you want to move your furniture to your new property right away or you plan to put your things into storage, you'll be guaranteed our highest standards of care throughout.

Pet Removals

There's no need to worry about whether your pet will be okay while you're moving from place to place - we've got you covered for that, too. Of course, it's stressful for animals to be created and transferred. However, with the proper handling, intense anxiety isn't going to worry your pet. Chess Moving are firm partners with Jet Pets. Jet Pets are one of Australia's most prominent animal transport organisations, and our team can give you the professional advice you need when moving your pet.

Moving Insurance

The biggest worry that most people have when moving is that they won't come back from it if their furniture is broken or stolen en route. At Chess Moving, we've got you covered with our offer of comprehensive insurance. So we can give you that peace of mind and keep your move as hassle-free as possible. All you need to do is call in and ask us for our lowdown on insurance.

Special Offers

At Chess Moving, we're here to ensure that you get the smoothest move possible. It's much easier for us to do this when we offer specific specials - from discounts to free storage. So contact our team today and ask what we've got for you!

Commercial Moves? 

You are moving your business - whether locally or internationally - will be a headache for you. It can be complex, but when you find a company that can provide that comprehensive relocation service, it doesn't have to be as complicated anymore. Our trademark is a stress-free move. When you choose Chess Moving, you're selecting a concentrated activity with specialist care and detailed planning.

You have documents to move, IT equipment and technology, furniture and employees to take care of all simultaneously. Chess Moving is here to make light work for you so that you don't have to worry about it. We're a trusted source that can offer you the professional commercial removals and storage services that your business needs the most. We can help you from the beginning, from planning, scheduling and packing to managing the entire relocation on the big day. We'll even get you unpacked and ensure that no packaging is left behind.

Whether you are relocating the contents of an office to another building or you need an office furniture fit-out, Chess Moving is happy to step in and help you out. We're even in the business of hotel fit-outs, hospital relocations and fit-outs and more. Our experts are well versed in the disposal of company furniture assets, too, so if you're decluttering as part of your move, we're here to help. While we move you from A to B, we'll provide building protection services with our floor and carpet protection. So you don't have to worry about your brand new business flooring being scraped or scratched when your furniture is being moved in. We'll pad the lifts and protect any glass and door frames, too.

Asset Relocation Management

Don't worry about your non-active assets. We can help you to control them all from one central location with our asset relocation management system. It's a service that's Australia-wide, so no matter where you go, you can better manage your non-active stored assets no matter what. They can be off-site or on-site, and we'll be able to help!

Going Overseas?

How exciting - you are moving your business overseas and setting up elsewhere. We partner with UniGroup Relocation Network to make this move the smoothest one possible for you and your team. You don't need customs, visa or port headaches, and you certainly should have to overthink about air and sea freight and insurance. You see, a lot goes into an international move, so let us take the weight off your shoulders and make it happen.

Packing Help

At Chess Moving, our team can help you with a vast range of packing materials designed to make your business assets count. Everything from the crush-proof crates, computer cages, library trolleys and flat-screen protectors are there ready for you to order.

The pandemic may have put a pin in your planning, but it's time to take it out with the restrictions easing. You get to put your business snack on track and follow your goals now. Chess Moving would love to be a part of that, and all you have to do is contact us today and talk us through what you need! We offer an online calculator that's super simple to use to help you to get an idea of your moving quote. Don't trust the approximate calculation? No problem! Book an inspection, and one of our experts would be more than happy to come out and offer you a quote!

As part of our business relocation services, we also have a range of additional options that you can choose to add to your quote. These include specialist services for hotels, hospitals and offices. We'll even store your furniture and equipment if you're amid a refurbishment. Suppose you've got personal documentation that's secured. In that case, we'll ensure that it's moved with discretion and appropriately located in your following premises, too. Our experts are here to manage your move should you want them to, and the best thing you can do is ask us how we can assist you with your move right now.

Australia - Current COVID Restrictions

At Chess Moving, we believe that your move should be as smooth as possible, and the best way for that to happen is to be sure that you know you can pull your move off in no time at all. With the restrictions easing, you have to be as familiar as possible with the rules surrounding your movement. Below, we've put together some guidelines that you need to consider before booking your move with our experts.

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Moving Into NSW

What You Need To Do if you are from


No NSW entry declaration required

Northern Territory

No NSW entry declaration required


No NSW entry declaration required

South Australia

No NSW entry declaration required


No NSW entry declaration required


Currently listed on an NSW Health COVID-19 concerns notice

Entry restrictions apply. Follow the rules for interstate travellers

Complete NSW entry declaration

Travel restrictions to stay in place for Victoria until 1 November

Western Australia

No NSW entry declaration required

Rules for Residents returning to NSW

If you are coming back to NSW since the restrictions are easing, or you're moving within NSW, as long as you have not been in any affected areas or areas of serious concern in the 14 days before the move, you may enter NSW. You can come in without an NSW declaration form for entry, and you don't need to self-isolate.

Suppose you have been in any of the affected areas. In that case, you need to complete an NSW entry declaration within 24 hours of the movement into NSW. Once you arrive, you must go directly to your place of residence. You have to stay there unless you're getting food, essential services, travelling for work/education/childcare, or seeking medical care. You are also allowed to exercise outdoors. You have to stay in your place of residence for 14 days to prevent any possible transmission.

Suppose you have been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. In that case, you need to complete an NSW entry declaration within 24 hours before you enter NSW, and you have to also self-isolate. On the other hand, suppose you have been notified that you are in casual contact with someone infected with COVID-19. In that case, the state's rules mean that when you return to NSW, you have to complete a declaration within 24 hours and get immediately tested self-isolated until your tests are negative.

At Chess Moving, we're working to ensure that every single method of moving is covered by those who are sensitive to the COVID-19 crisis. You need to move to your new home, which means that you need to be aware of the rules. The rules are in place to keep everyone protected, whether that's you or us!

Rules for Non-Residents Entering NSW

Suppose you're currently living outside NSW and you are looking to enter. In that case, you need to follow strict guidelines to ensure that you aren't going to enter safely. Suppose you haven't been in a restricted area or an area of COVID-19 concern. In that case, you will be allowed to enter NSW without completing a traveller declaration form or self-isolating. If you have been to an affected area, you need to complete the NSW declaration within 24 hours. Once you are within NSW, you should stay at your residence unless you have a reason to leave, such as for food, services, work, education, childcare, medical care, moving home or exercising. Once 14 days are up, you're welcome to leave once again and enjoy your time in NSW.

The same rule on close contacts and casual contacts apply, too. If you've been to a place of grave concern, you should ensure that you know whether you are considered a casual contact or a close contact. If you have been considered a close contact, you may not enter NSW and must follow the rules of the state you are currently residing in. When you have been noted as a casual contact, you can enter NSW if you have been tested and your test is negative. You can keep a copy of the result to show if you need to, and you should complete the declaration when you enter NSW or before

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If you're done waiting around to move your library or shift your printing office, then call our experts today. We're here to make sure that you experience your move in the smoothest possible way. You don't need to wait around for your move to happen.

Moving your business should be as easy as possible, and we've got the team ready to help you with what you need. So talk to us and get a quote for your move today and let's get you started. We'll help you pack, organise, plan and execute the smoothest possible action. So call us today and learn more!

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