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Moving to Townsville (A Complete Guide)

Townsville City Center
Townsville City Center

Moving from one place to another definitely has its challenges. Whether you’re moving for your job or due to a change in lifestyle, it’s a big transition in your life, regardless of how many times you’ve done it before. Located on the north-eastern coast of Queensland, Australia sits Townsville. It’s the largest urban area that's centred north of the Sunshine coast. One of it’s biggest features is that it sits adjacent to the central section of the Great Barrier Reef, a top tourist spot. If you’re considering uprooting from where you are now to Townsville then it’s certainly useful to get an insight into this city and everything you need to know when it comes to moving. And if you’re looking for a moving company to help, then Chess Moving can ensure all your belongings are transported from A to B on time and without any problems.

So before you go packing up your home, here is a helpful guide to make sure Townsville is the right place for you. We’ll also be answering any frequently asked questions that we get when it comes to moving too.

Interesting Facts About Townsville

  • Home to 180,820 people. (as of 2018)
  • Considered the unofficial capital of North Queensland.
  • Know as being a large industrial area with the one of the largest zinc refineries in the world.
  • The average annual maximum temperature is 28.9°C (84°F).
  • Indigienous groups were the first to find Townsville, such as the Walgurukaba, Bindal, Girrugubba, and many more.

Townsville is certainly a popular spot for tourists, but one of the appealing factors that draw people in from all over the globe is that it has mostly great weather and a relaxed lifestyle, suited for those who want to unwind from the hustle and bustle of life. In regards to the history of the place, it is a major industrial centre, and the port of Townsville is being expanded to allow larger cargo ships from Asia, which have the world’s largest passenger ships.

The tropical climate of this city is one of it’s biggest attractions as well as having access to a nearby rainforest, and of course, the Great Barrier Reef. As it’s one of the seven wonders of the world, it’s something that can be a great selling point for those wishing to move there.

Tips For Finding A Home

A good tip when it comes to moving is to ensure you’ve done plenty of research on the area. It’s also essential that you visit the area too in order to check that it’s a place that feels right for you. There are some great places around the city of Townsville that are worth exploring, and a few suggestions can be found below:

Alice River

Alice River is home to some beautiful homes and has big blocks of land that increase in value over time. It’s reputable for families as a safe spot, and so if you’re moving a fair distance or you’re looking at finding the right schools for the children, then this is a good place to start your search. Calm traffic conditions mean that your household will grow up in a safe street network.

South Townsville

If you’re someone who loves their food, then you’ll enjoy South Townsville. There’s great options available if you’re wanting apartment living or a house, and there’s plenty of nightlife to soak up to. This is an area that is certainly suitable for young couples to enjoy.

North Ward

This area is close to all the markets that Townsville has to offer, and there are plenty of areas to go out and explore nearby, including Castle Hill and The Strand. It’s one of the oldest suburbs in the city but has undergone a great amount of development. It’s very popular for tourists and investors to visit.

North Ward and Rowes Bay from Castle Hill
North Ward and Rowes Bay from Castle Hill



If you’re looking for a place to settle down as a young couple, then Annandale could certainly be everything that you’re looking for. With a variety of school options to choose from and affordable rentals, it’s definitely one that should be on the cards if you want to start your life somewhere new.

Property Prices & Living Costs

So once you’ve decided on an area, what would you expect to pay for the cost of a house? When buying, you’re likely going to pay $375,000, and for renting, it’s around $420 per week, but it all depends on which area you go for. Compared to other areas in Queensland, Townsville falls at the lower end when it comes to property prices. It’s always important to weigh up your options, though and to make sure that when it comes to property prices, you’re moving to an area you can afford. The price of properties can also reflect the cost of living in that particular area too, and if the property prices are out of your comfort zone, you might struggle with the lifestyle costs too.

When it comes to living costs, it’s very much down to your lifestyle and how much time you would likely spend enjoying the touristy areas. The average inexpensive meal at a restaurant would cost you around $25, and monthly transportation costs would be around $100+, depending on where you are traveling to and from. Your basic utilities might be anything from $95-$450, and salaries on average after tax are $3,225. There is likely to be a lot of jobs available within this area that are involved in the industrial trade, and therefore, there might be more jobs that bring a lot more money to the table. It’s something worth factoring in when it comes to the income you could achieve in comparison to the typical costs of living in Townsville.

Job Opportunities

It’s important that if you’re not moving to Townsville because of a job, that you explore the job market to ensure there’s something within the city or nearby that you can commute to in order to do what you love. As it’s a tourist spot, you’re likely going to get plenty of customer service roles available as well as the industrial side of the city being very lucrative for those interested. There’s definitely a mixture of industries available in Townsville to pick from, so it’s worth considering what’s available and doing your research before settling here.

The Weather

For those who are used to sunshine and heat, then Townsville is certainly one that doesn’t disappoint. There’s definitely a high average when it comes to the temperature in this part of the world, and if you’re coming from the UK, for instance, you might be in for a bit of a climate shock. The hot seasons in these parts will usually last for just under five months. This is from November to April, and there’s an average daily temperature that sits above 86°F. The hottest day of the year tends to be in January with an average of 88°F.

The cool season will last for around 3 months from June to August and has an average daily temperature of 78°F. That’s not a huge difference at all in comparison to many other countries, so it’s definitely a paradise for those who love the warmth.

So overall, if you’re a sun worshipper and you love the heat, then this is going to be an ideal spot to live in.

Things To Do In Townsville

The culture and entertainment scene can be an important one for many, and if there’s not enough going on in a city or suburb, you might be put off from living there. It’s good to know what goes on in Townsville and what’s nearby, so here’s a round up of some of the top spots.

The Strand

The Strand is a popular beachfront promenade and a great selling point for all those who are looking to find a place to live that’s close to the beach. It’s a magnet for both tourists and locals and a great way to soak up that tropical vibe that exists in this city. You’ve got the Strand Water Park which is also a great place for children to have fun, and you’ll find lots of people biking, jogging, or just strolling along the promenade, enjoying the view that this area has to offer.

Castle Hill

The most prominent place to visit when in Townsville is the Castle Hill. It’s the city’s most prominent landmark and is a beautiful sight to behold and to see every time you commute into work or take a weekend to explore your new home area. It offers 360-degree views from it’s peak, and so is definitely worth the hike to get up there. There’s walking tracks to help those both local and tourists to find their way up, with many locals doing it for daily exercise. If you don’t feel like walking, then you can also drive.

Castle Hill in Townsville City
Castle Hill in Townsville City


The Great Barrier Reef

Mentioned already, The Great Barrier Reef is probably one of the biggest attractions and something you’d have the pleasure of enjoying over and over again. It’s something that is an incredible sight to see, and if you’re a fan of exploring underwater, then this isn’t too bad of a local spot to have available to you.

Botanic Gardens

If you’re looking to explore what nature has to offer, then the Botanic Gardens has plenty of sunshine and tropical rain that helps create some of the most beautiful tropical gardens. Queens Gardens was established in 1870 and is Townsville’s oldest botanical garden. It features lots of beautiful flowers, foliage, and fruit to explore and educate yourself on. You also have the Townsville Palmetum that has around 300 species of palms. It’s one of the largest public collections of palms in the world to date!


For many households, education and transport are two things that can often be very important. For families who may be moving their children from different schools, it’s important to have the right educational institutions available. Transport can also be something of great importance when it comes to perhaps not having a car available and needing alternative transport options. Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to living in Townsville.

Is Townsville a good place for families?

Yes. Townsville has plenty of family-friendly spots to visit, and many of the suburbs are family-orientated and have plenty of primary and secondary school options available.

Which suburbs are the most popular in Townsville?

Some of the best suburbs that are popular in Townsville are The Strand, North Ward, and Magnetic Island.

Are there easy transport options?

Apart from driving and cycling being popular, you also have the Sunbus and plenty of taxis available locally. There’s also the Queensland Railway that’s available when traveling further afield.

Is it better to live in Townsville or Cairns?

Both cities are very similar to one another, but when it comes to more variety for jobs, Townsville may be able to offer more. It depends if you’re moving specifically for a job or not.

Need Help Moving? Chess Moving Can Help

So do you think Townsville is the right place for you? If so, you’ll want to think about visiting some properties and putting a few offers in once you’ve found the property you want to rent or buy. Once your offer is accepted, you can rely on Chess Moving to help with the most important stages of the property buying or renting process. Finding someone you can trust with your belongings isn’t a rushed decision you should be making. You want to make the right choice in who you choose to help you on your moving day.

With Chess, we have over 100 years of experience moving our clients to and from locations like Townsville. We have an office in Townsville as well as every other capital city plus some regional locations too. You can find more about our services here, and we’ll ensure you have a smooth process so that you can start off your life in Townsville on the right footing.


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