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How to Move Large and Bulky Items Safely and Efficiently

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How to Move Large and Bulky Items Safely and Efficiently

Moving is challenging and the biggest challenge is moving bulky items. Local or international, moving heavy items like furniture, appliances, etc. can be quite a task. While that may be the case for residential moving, commercial moving doesn’t come any easier. There’s machinery and there’s furniture – all of this calls for some really careful planning so as to not cause any damage to people or property.

For over 100 years Chess Moving has been providing effective moving solutions to individuals, residences and businesses. Our expertise extends over all aspects of relocation and moving – be it moving your tiny valuables or bulky impedimenta. Before we let you in on how we help, let us take a look at some tips on how to move large and bulky items safely and efficiently.

Get Help

Physical of course! Get some friends or neighbours or anyone who is capable of moving heavy items and is also willing to. The more the merrier and definitely a lot easier on the hard work. While additional hands help, we also need people to think on their feet while lifting heavyset items.

Plan and Prepare

Lifting and moving large and bulky items may be all muscle power but it needs a strong foundation of planning and preparation. You need to make sure what items need to be moved and check their measurements against those of the doors and hallways that the items need to be carried through.

Use the Right Tools

No matter the number of extra hands you gather to help you move the bulky items, they can’t beat using the right tools. Ramps, rollers, lifting straps, utility dollies, and sliders or glides are all the various types of tools you can use to lift or move your furniture, appliances and all other heavy items.

Use the Right Techniques

Before lifting or moving a heavy object, you need to understand the right technique you should adopt. Whether you need to push or pull, in what position you should lift and move the object, and how many people are needed to move or lift the object, are all factors you need to consider before making the move.

Dissemble if Possible

When moving heavy pieces of furniture or machinery, it is only reasonable to dissemble wherever possible. Lifting parts of heavy objects one by one and moving them is a lot easier than moving the whole piece of equipment. So whether it is a bookshelf or a computer, dissembling will make shifting it easier.

Protect the Objects

Before moving the heavy objects, make sure to protect them using bubble wrap or other protective packaging materials. This is important because while carrying these heavy objects across the hallway or up and down the stairs, they may slip or hit the walls and windows thereby causing some two-way damage.


They Have the Team

Professional movers have a team which means there are more hands to do the heavy lifting for you. They have a number of removalists and movers who work on your relocation project and can move all your heavy furniture and appliances in addition to moving all other items.

They Have the Equipment

Professionals know the way to do things the right way. They have the right kind of tools and know how to use them on their job. They use ramps, lifting straps, utility dollies and a host of other equipment to handle heavy hauling of all proportions. This helps them complete all kinds of moving jobs efficiently.

They Have the Training

The professional moving teams have all the training on all aspects of moving – the heavy hauling, the transportation, and all. Be it the use of tools effectively or using the right kind of techniques, professionals are on top of it at all times. This makes them the right choice for moving all your belongings, even the heavy ones.

They Can Do it Safely and Efficiently

Given the tools, the training, and all the experience, a professional mover can get done with moving your large items in a safe and effective manner. Professional movers can also get the job done rather quickly and keep the whole process smooth.


We Have the Experience

Our experience of more than a century gives us an upper edge in the relocation and transportation sector. From individuals and families to businesses and industries, we can help you move smoothly and completely. This experience helps us understand your moving needs thoroughly and cover all aspects of moving.

We Help You Move Locally and Internationally

Given the strong network of moving companies that we are part of, we can help you relocate to anywhere in the country or the world. Our network is quite well-knit and this makes seamless transitions possible. Wherever you are moving to, our efforts and end-to-end assistance keep you from the stress involved.

We Maintain High Quality Standards

In all the years that we have helped people move from one place to another, we have maintained our quality standards. We pride ourselves on being able to keep up with the quality by completing all relocation processes on time and by communicating effectively with the clients and partners.

We Offer a Range of Services

We are a complete relocation and moving company. Besides the regular moving services, we also provide a range of other services like office fit-outs, asset relocation, crate hire, hotels and accommodation, etc. In short, we cover all aspects of the residential and commercial relocation and go the extra mile to offer you more.

We Have a Strong Network

We are part of the Harmony Relocation Network, a network that brings together several moving companies across the world and makes them more accessible. So, wherever you are planning to relocate, we have the right moving partner for you who can provide the same kind of high-quality service.

We Provide Specialised Moving Services

Besides the general personal belongings, we can also help move your special items. This could include your valuables, pets, or maybe even a grand piano – all items that need special care while moving. With our extensive experience, we can make sure these specialised items are transported safely.


Chess Moving is the answer to your every moving need. So if you are planning to make a move, Chess Moving is your best option.

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