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Moving interstate during COVID


The concept of relocating to a different state can be a rather daunting one; it’s a big move to make. That’s especially true during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The good news is that with the right advice and a solid plan to follow, you can make the process of moving interstate during the pandemic a little easier and less stressful for yourself. It’s just a case of knowing how to approach your move, that’s all. 

Moving house in general is rather complex and stressful, there’s no two ways about it. Moving interstate is usually even more stressful as it’s a larger move and a further distance. Usually, when moving interstate it can take up to a week for your belongings to arrive at your new home, and shipping all of your belongings interstate doesn’t come cheap. 

In addition to the time it will take to get all of your belongings to your new destination, there’s also the concern about relocating your children to new schools and moving your career to a new destination. You also have the added stress of having to contact all of your correspondence and change your address before you move, from your utilities suppliers to your car insurance. 

Can you move interstate during the pandemic?

Moving interstate can be stressful at the best of times, and during COVID it’s even more daunting, thanks to border closures and a range of changing regional rules.

The states within Australia are beginning to reopen again, but each state has its own set of rules regarding the pandemic and what you can and cannot do. The rules are naturally tighter in places like Victoria and New South Wales where the pandemic has had the most significant impact.

When it comes to moving during the pandemic, it’s important to be aware that each state has its own rules and prerequisites for anyone wanting to move house, so it’s crucial that you are aware of what the rules are in the destination that you are planning on heading to.

For instance, New South Wales, is currently open to all other states, apart from Victoria. So if you live in Victoria then you would need a special permit in order to be able to move to New South Wales.


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Or, for instance, anyone visiting from Sydney is unable to enter Queensland, however the ban does impact anyone moving to the state, it is simply in place for visitors. Anyone moving to Queensland from Sydney does not need to ascertain a permit, however a requirement is 14 days of quarantine once moved into the state.

While moving to Western Australia is a little more complicated. The rules are tougher in this area and anyone wanting to move there needs to apply for an exemption permit. However, these applications are not guaranteed to be approved, it’s at the board’s discretion.
Whereas in Tasmania, anyone moving from another state has to complete a specific arrivals form and spend 14 days isolating on their arrival in specific government accommodation.

The good news is that on a nationwide scale, logistics and transport are determined as essential which means that moving companies are allowed to continue to operate on an interstate basis.

What do you need to check before moving interstate during the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Before moving interstate, doing adequate preparation is, of course, key. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic it is even more crucial than normal. Many things are currently in a state of constant flux, which means that taking your time to check what has changed is important - one week a border might be open and the next it might be shut. 

Check border restrictions

When it comes to moving interstate during the pandemic, one of the most crucial steps that you can take is to make time to check what border restrictions are currently in place. The last thing that you want is to pack up your entire home, hit the road, and then find that you are unable to leave your state due to not having followed the correct procedures. That’s why it is so important that you take the time to note what border restrictions are currently in place in both states that you will be travelling through during your move.

It’s important to be aware that restrictions can change in a matter of hours, so ensuring that you remain consistently up to date is vital. You can find all of the most up to date information regarding interstate travel and restrictions via the gov websites that each state and territory has available.

Ensure that you have complete all essential paperwork

Take the time before your move to look into what paperwork you will need to complete in order to be able to have a seamless interstate move. Some states require entry passes or exemption paperwork, so make sure that you have all of the relevant documents completed and to hand.

It’s also worthwhile keeping an electronic copy of all of your key documents; scan the paper version into your smartphone and keep them safe in case anything goes wrong and you misplace or damage their paper counterparts. When it comes to your interstate move, the more prepared you can be, the better.

Ensure you are working with a COVID safe removal company like Chess Moving

Moving interstate during a global pandemic is a daunting prospect, not just because of all of the border restrictions and paperwork that needs filling out, but also because of the health risk of moving house. That is why it is important that you ensure that you opt to work with a COVID-secure removals company like Chess Moving.
In order for businesses in Australia to be able to operare, COVID-secure safety plans are required by law. If a removals company is unable to provide evidence of that and prove that they are a COVID-secure company, it is best to look for another removals team to manage your move.

At Chess Moving, our team members have all been trained in the importance of COVID-secure service, and operate in a safe way that keeps themselves and our customers safe. If you have any questions about the steps that we take to keep ourselves and our customers safe, please contact us to discuss this directly, and we would be happy to take you through the procedures that we have implemented to remain COVID-secure.



Put your health first

Every state of Australia is trying to keep residents safe from the risk of COVID, so it is important that when it comes to your move that you also take your health and safety seriously. Think about only stopping when absolutely necessary along the route, to help prevent the risk of being exposed to the virus.

For reassurance, you may want to book a COVID test prior to your move, so that you are not concerned about arriving in a new state with the virus. You may also want to book a test for after you move, to check whether you have contracted the virus during the moving process.

What are the rules in each Australian state?

To ensure minimal stress for our customers, Chess Moving continues to maintain close contact with key agencies managing border control changes, allowing us to make sure that we are always aware of new and changing restrictions that are in place.

When you book your interstate move with Chess Moving, we will always endeavor to discuss any restrictions that are in place that could negatively impact your move. We will also share solutions to these issues and help you to determine what you would like to do in regards to your move. If any new restrictions prevent your move, we will always contact you as soon as possible to discuss this and try to work out a suitable solution.



Western Australia

Interstate travel into Western Australia is permitted, however it depends on where you have been within the last 14 days. Everyone entering Western Australia is required to complete a G2G Pass prior to entering the state.

You may also need to apply for an exemption to enter the state, depending on where you are coming from and where you are going. It is important to apply for this exemption in advance as there is no guarantee that it will be granted. If it is not granted then you will need to postpone your move in date to a later time.

Northern Territory

In Northern Territory there are strict travel restrictions in place, not only for those from other states but for anyone who is re-entering the state, even those that currently reside there. When entering the Northern Territory all entrants must complete a Border Entry Form and undertake 14 days of quarantine if entering from a COVID-19 hotspot area.

What it is important to note about the quarantine period is that in North Australia it must be carried out at a special location, not at your choice of address. All accommodation expenses must be covered by you, which means that isolating can be rather expensive and stressful. However, you can apply for an exemption to this rule, but it is important to note that exemptions are only usually granted in certain circumstances.

If you do need to quarantine then it’s best to arrange for your home’s contents to be delivered after your period of forced isolation ends. We are happy to discuss this with you and work out when the best date for delivery would be.



Anyone entering Tasmania needs to provide their travel details and contact details at the border point. The requirements for entry to Tasmania depends on where those entering the state are coming from, different areas of Australia pose different risks, and hence different steps are in place to manage those risks.

Tasmania has strict procedures in place for preventing the spread of COVID-19 into the state. Ahead of your arrival at the border you will need to complete an Arrivals Form. When entering the state there is a 14 days quarantine period that must be observed in government specific accommodation. Costs for this will be covered by the Tasmanian government.

Our removalists are exempt from this regulation, so we are still able to help manage your move. It’s worthwhile booking your delivery of your home’s contents for after your 14 day quarantine period has ended or you can ask a friend or relative in Tasmania to manage your move for you, so that your home is ready to unpack once your isolation period ends.

South Australia

In South Australia anyone from across Australia is able to enter the state. However, there are a number of safety processes in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

There are checkpoints setup along the border, and anyone who enters the state must be willing to provide checkpoint officials with your contact details and your new address. You may also need to quarantine for 14 days after arriving at your new home.

Removalists are exempt from these restrictions and so our team is still able to help you move house.


Most people are able to freely travel to and from Queensland unless they are coming from a COVID-19 hotspot area. There are regular border checkpoints in place, and for anyone entering Queensland from New South Wales border passes are required.

You may also be required to undertake 14 days of self isolation after you enter the state. You are able to complete this isolation period from your new home address in Queensland. Removalists are exempt from any restrictions, so we are still able to help you to move to your new abode.

New South Wales

In New South Wales there are currently no restrictions for entering the state from any other Australian state. New South Wales is open and no permit is currently required.

According to the current rules that are in place, removalists can move the contents of your home to your new home in New South Wales regardless of which area of Australia you are currently residing within. Currently, there are no self-isolation requirements in place for interstate border entry, and no forms or documents are currently needed to present at the border.


For entering the state of Victoria, a permit travel process is in place. In order to enter Victoria from anywhere in Australia a permit is now required by law. The permit system classifies areas across the country via a traffic light system; each area is classified as green, orange or red depending on the risk level and COVID case numbers.

There are currently no self-isolation requirements in place for interstate border entry to Victoria. A Border Pass and Arrival Form are currently not required either. Home relocation is exempt from the current restrictions that are in place, so your home move should not be impacted at the current time by COVID-19 restrictions.


Here at  Chess Moving, we have decades of experience in the field, and we understand the importance of completing the move in a streamlined way with minimal interference. We have also integrated extra safety measures to ensure an entirely safe moving day for you and your employees. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.

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