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Tips for Moving Electronics: How to Keep Your Devices Safe and Secure

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keeping your electronic devices safe during the move

One of the biggest worries that homeowners face when relocating is how to take their electronics with them in a secure manner. A single bump can scratch, crack, or break an important component and render the device completely useless. That is not something you want, especially at a time when you are already spending so much on the new house and the move. It makes way more sense to take certain precautions that ensure that your electronic device reaches the new house from the old place safely. And don’t forget to choose a reliable moving company that guarantees the safe transit of your electronic goods without any damage, like Chess Moving. We have a track record of providing risk-free relocation services every time.

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Here are some ingenious ways you can ensure that your electronic devices reach your new home safely without a scratch.

Use the Original Boxes for the Devices

Electronics are best moved in the very boxes they came in. Otherwise, you can consider custom-built boxes which would fit the devices like a glove. If the box is too small, the packing materials would be less and you can risk damage. If it is too big, the device will get too much space to move around which also increases the risk of damage. Moreover, using the original packing means the box would already be clearly labelled with what it contains and that it is fragile.

Use Lots of Padding Layers in the Box

Do not be a miser in using bubble wrap, foam, and cardboard cut-outs when packing your electronics. A snugly packed device won’t move around too much but the packing won’t be so tight that it breaks the device itself. If you feel like you are not confident about how to pack your electronics, it is wise to take help from professionals.

Label the Boxes as Boldly as Possible

Proper labelling can make all the difference in whether your electronics reach your new home safely. Labelling not only helps you identify your belongings when unpacking but also lets the moving personnel know that they must handle those boxes with care. Make sure that you label them properly, including “FRAGILE” stickers or tapes, on all sides and also mark which way is right side up.

Keep Cables and Removable Parts Separately

Do not pack the electronics with cables and removable parts like batteries and cartridges still inside. If the cables bend too much or hit a fragile part, it can break your device. On the other hand, batteries and cartridges can leak out and damage the device too. Hence, you should pack them in a different box and label them for easy identification. It also makes sense to take pictures of the device fully connected and plugged in so that you know what goes where when setting them up.

Pack Them Last and Unpack Them First

It is advisable to keep the electronics for the least amount of time in the shifting process as this is when they get damaged the most. Hence, they should be the last items to be packed and the first to be unpacked when you move. Take your time in both packing and unpacking for maximum safety.

Consider Getting Insurance for the Move

While you may think that taking out an insurance scheme for your relocation is an unnecessary expenditure, it can come quite in handy if, despite your best efforts, you do end up with a broken device. You get compensated for the damages and won’t have to spend extra money on buying that device again.


If you are wondering whether to hire a specialist or go with an amateur company to save a few bucks, we recommend the former to you. Professionals can effectively assure the complete safety of your goods at every point of the journey and should also provide insurance for the same. They provide end-to-end services and complete customer care that makes your experience pleasant and hassle-free. Transparent services and reasonable rates for high-quality services are the other benefits of choosing a specialist moving company to do the job.


Chess Moving brings several advantages to the table:

Wide Service Range

The best thing about choosing us is that we are present all across Australia and provide moving services, including but not limited to furniture removal, pet transport, insurance, storage, and cleaning, from within your locality to anywhere in the world. Not only that but we also serve commercial and corporate customers for overseas business relocation, office and library relocations, office and hotel fit-outs, packing materials and equipment, crate hire, asset relocation management systems, staff relocation management, HR support, and more.

Licensed and Registered

Our company is certified by the Occupational Health and Safety (AS/NZS 4801:2001) and Quality Management (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015) standards. Moreover, our  Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, and Perth offices all have FIDI/FAIM registrations for international relocations. We are compliant with all relevant industry standards and regulations for the guaranteed quality and safety of our services.

Unmatched Service Quality

Chess Moving is committed to providing services of the highest quality. Our skilled and qualified staff use advanced technology to ensure the best results for every customer. We conduct quality checks and risk assessments regularly to ensure that we are providing the quality and safety we assure. By staying updated on the latest industry developments, we ensure that our customers get the best service in the area.

Affordable Services

Chess Moving believes in keeping its services accessible to everyone. Hence, we never overcharge or oversell. We quote only the fairest price and ask you to pay only for what you use. You can send us an inventory or video call us to help us understand what you need and accordingly, we will provide a free estimate for you with zero obligations. Based on that, you can take an informed decision taking your budget into consideration.

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Whether you are a homeowner or a business, if you need moving services from anywhere in Australia to anywhere in the world, don’t hesitate to give Chess Moving a call.

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