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Holiday Moving GUIDE: How to Juggle Christmas Prep and Relocation

Holiday Moving: How to Juggle Christmas Prep and Relocation
Chess Moving Can Help You Juggle Christmas Preperation and Relocation


Moving during the holiday season can be a whirlwind of excitement and stress. The holiday season can be a hectic time on its own, but when you add in the stress of moving, it can feel overwhelming. With the added pressure of Christmas being just around the corner, it can be challenging to juggle both the relocation and the holiday preparations.

Whether you are moving across town or to a new city, you can make the transition smoother by planning and staying organised. Chess Moving, a professional moving company, has crafted a helpful guide to assist you in this special relocation process. From planning your timeline to organising your holiday decorations, this holiday moving guide will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to navigate this busy time of year.

Pros and Cons of Relocating During the Christmas Season

For many, the holiday season is a time for socialising, planning, and creating cherished memories. However, the pressure of ensuring a smooth transition while concurrently managing holiday preparations can be daunting and at times overwhelming. The decision to relocate during the Christmas season comes with its own set of pros and cons that need to be carefully considered.


  • Relocating during the Christmas season may give you some time off from work or school, making it an opportune time to move without taking additional time off. This gives you more time flexibility for the move.
  • Moving during the Christmas season can allow you to start the new year fresh in a new home and neighbourhood. It is the perfect opportunity to make new friends and share holiday traditions.
  • Moving during the holiday season means during the summer months and higher moving costs and increased competition for professional movers. To ensure you you don’t miss out, it is essential to book early and save.


  • The holiday season is typically filled with social commitments, events, and family gatherings. Moving during this season may cause potential disruption to your holiday traditions and celebrations.
  • The weather during the holiday season can also pose challenges for relocation, with Adelaide’s harsh dry heat waves making it more difficult to transport belongings.
  • May be challenging to find available services and resources during the holiday season, as many businesses may have limited hours or be closed for the holidays.

Ultimately, the decision to relocate during the Christmas season is a personal one that should be carefully considered based on individual circumstances and priorities. It is important to weigh the pros and cons, consider the potential challenges, and determine if it is feasible and beneficial for you and your family to undertake a relocation during this busy time of year.

To help you decide, it may be helpful to create a detailed plan and timeline, allocate resources accordingly, and seek assistance from professionals to ensure a smooth and successful move.

What to Look for in a Moving Service During Holiday Season

Moving during the holiday season can be a bit challenging, but with the right moving service, you can simplify the process and still enjoy the festivities. When looking for a moving service during the holiday season, there are a few key factors to consider.

  1. Flexibility in scheduling:

    The holiday season is a busy time for everyone, so it's important to find a moving service that can accommodate your preferred moving dates. Look for a company that offers flexible scheduling options and is willing to work around your holiday plans.

  2. Efficient packing and unpacking:

    With all the Christmas decorations and gifts, it's crucial to find a moving service that has expertise in efficiently packing and unpacking during the holiday season. They should have the necessary equipment and supplies to handle fragile items, such as ornaments and delicate holiday decor.

  3. Storage options:

    During the holiday season, you may have additional items that need temporary storage, such as holiday decorations or excess furniture. Look for a moving service that offers storage options, so you can safely store these items until you're ready to retrieve them.

  4. Experienced and professional staff:

    The holiday season can be stressful enough, so you want to ensure that the moving service you choose has a team of experienced and professional staff who can handle the challenges of holiday moving. They should be efficient, reliable, and able to handle any last-minute changes or unexpected situations that may arise during the busy holiday season.

  5. Prompt customer service:

    Moving during the holiday season often means dealing with tight deadlines and potential disruptions. In such circumstances, it is crucial to have a moving company that provides prompt and efficient customer support. They should be responsive to your inquiries, address any concerns or issues you may have, and keep you updated throughout the moving process.

  6. Affordable pricing:

    The holiday season can already be an expensive time, with all the shopping and gift-giving. It's important to find a moving service that offers affordable pricing without compromising on quality. They should provide transparent and competitive quotes, with no hidden fees or extra charges for holiday moves.

For holiday relocation, there's no one-size-fits-all solution, but by considering these factors and finding a moving service that meets your specific needs, you can effectively juggle Christmas preparations and the challenges of relocating during the holiday season.

Chess Moving is a reputable moving service that takes all of these factors into consideration and we are known for our expertise in holiday relocation. We have years of experience helping individuals and families with their holiday moves, and we are dedicated to providing efficient, reliable, and stress-free moving services during the holiday season.

Deciding What Needs Immediate Attention during your move

What to Look for in a Moving Service During Holiday Season
What Should Your Prioritise When Moving Around Christmas?


Once you have made the decision to relocate during the Christmas season, it is important to prioritise and determine what needs immediate attention. With the holiday season bringing its own set of obligations, it is crucial to stay organised and efficient during the moving process.

1. Scheduling Your Move

One important aspect to consider is the scheduling of your move. Due to the limited availability of moving services and staff shortage during this time, it is recommended to book your professional movers well in advance. Be sure to check their availability and plan your move date accordingly.

2. Finding Available Resources

Finding available resources, such as packing supplies and storage options, may also be challenging during the holiday season. It is recommended to stock up on necessary supplies and make arrangements for storage as early as possible. You may opt to keep your belongings in a storage facility temporarily while you settle in your new home to avoid further disruption of the holidays.

3. Budgeting for the Holidays and Relocation

The holiday season can be an expensive time, with additional expenses for gifts, food, and decorations. Make sure you allocate sufficient funds for both the holiday festivities and the costs associated with your relocation. Include in your budget the costs of hiring professional movers, packing supplies, and any additional services you may need during the move, such as storage facilities or transportation for pets.

4. Notifying Relevant Parties

It is important to notify relevant parties about your upcoming move. This includes informing your employer, schools, utilities, and any other organisations or individuals that may need to be aware of your change in address and availability during the holiday season. It is recommended to do this well in advance to avoid any last-minute complications or misunderstandings.

5. Decluttering

As you prepare for your holiday move, it is essential to declutter and purge unwanted items. This will not only make the packing and moving process easier, but it will also help you start fresh in your new home for the holiday season. Furthermore, by decluttering and eliminating unnecessary items, you can potentially save on moving costs and create a more organised living space in your new home.

6. Managing Christmas Preparations

In addition to managing the logistics of your move, it is crucial to also consider how you will manage your Christmas preparations amidst the chaos of relocation. Start by making a list of all the tasks that need to be accomplished, such as buying gifts, decorating the house, and planning festive meals. Prioritise these tasks based on their importance and allocate specific time slots to tackle each one. This will help prevent any last-minute rush and allow you to enjoy the festivities stress-free.

Creating a Master Schedule for Both Activities

To ensure a smooth transition and balance between your relocation and holiday preparations, creating a master schedule that incorporates both activities is essential. Start by assessing the timeline for your relocation for you to consider the tasks and deadlines associated with your Christmas preparations.

Before The Move

  • Make a detailed inventory of your belongings and decide what items will be moved to your new home and what items will be donated as gifts to orphaned children during the holiday season.
  • Separate items that you will need during the holiday season, such as decorations, gifts, and essential kitchen supplies, and pack them separately for easy access. Essentials such as toothbrushes, medication, and a change of clothes should also be kept readily available.
  • Arrange for utility transfers to your new home ahead of time to ensure that you have functioning electricity, water, and heating during the holiday season. Moreover, notify address changes for important services such as mail delivery in case you need to receive any holiday-related correspondence.

During The Move

  • Communicate regularly with your moving company to confirm pick-up and delivery dates. Coordinate with them to ensure that your belongings arrive at your new home in time for the holiday season.
  • On the day of the move when all of your belongings have been secured and are already en route to your new home, you can use the time to list down gift ideas, plan your holiday meals, and research local vendors or shops where you can purchase decorations or other holiday supplies in your new area.
  • Upon arriving at your new location, prioritise setting up the essentials first, such as unpacking necessary kitchen supplies and arranging beds for a comfortable stay. Once you have settled in, you can begin focusing on your holiday preparations.

After The Move

  • Unpack and organise your belongings, making sure to prioritise those items needed for the holiday season. Set up your Christmas tree and decorate your new home to create a festive atmosphere.
  • Set aside dedicated time to do your holiday shopping. Use the list you made during the move to guide your purchases and ensure that you don't forget anyone on your gift list.
  • Take the time to explore your new neighbourhood and discover local markets and malls where you can buy your grocery items, ingredients for holiday meals, and any last-minute decorations or gifts.
  • Begin writing holiday cards and invitations to send to family and friends, letting them know about your new address and inviting them to celebrate the holiday season with you in your new home. After which, you can proceed to gift wrap your presents and send them out to ensure they arrive just in time before Christmas.

Tips for Efficiently Unpacking While Preparing for Christmas

After a successful move during the holiday season, it's time to tackle the challenge of unpacking while also preparing for the Christmas festivities. Here are some tips to efficiently unpack while still getting ready for Christmas:

  • Create a schedule:

    Plan out specific time blocks dedicated to unpacking and Christmas preparations. Allocate certain hours of the day for each task to ensure that both are given adequate attention.

  • Delegate tasks:

    If possible, enlist the help of family members or friends to assist with both the unpacking and the preparation for Christmas. This can help lighten the load and allow for more efficient multitasking.

  • Plan out the arrangement of furniture:

    Take some time to visualise the layout of your new home and where you want furniture to be placed. Consider measuring the rooms beforehand and creating a floor plan to streamline the unpacking and furniture placement process.

  • Prioritise essential items:

    Start by unpacking the essentials that you will need immediately, such as kitchen items, toiletries, and clothing. Set aside a designated area for these items so that they are easily accessible amidst the boxes and decorations.

  • Unpack one room at a time:

    Instead of trying to tackle all the boxes at once, focus on unpacking one room at a time. This will help you stay organised and prevent the chaos of having multiple half-unpacked rooms during the holiday season.

  • Remember to take a break:

    It's important to take breaks throughout the day to avoid feeling overwhelmed. This will allow you to recharge and maintain your energy levels during the busy holiday season.

  • Utilise storage solutions for organising:

    As you start to unwrap and organise your belongings, use clear storage bins, baskets, or shelves to categorise and store holiday decorations, wrapping paper, and other Christmas-related items. This will keep them separate from the other unpacked items and make it easier to locate them when you're ready to decorate for Christmas.

Fast and Easy Ways to Decorate Your New Home

Tips for Efficiently Unpacking While Preparing for Christmas
Chess Moving Can Help You With Moving During the Holiday Period


Once you’ve settled into your new home, you can begin to infuse the holiday spirit into your surroundings. Consider adorning your living spaces with twinkling lights, festive garlands, and cheerful ornaments to ring in the holiday season. You might also want to explore local craft stores or holiday markets to find unique and locally-made decorations that will add character to your new home.

To make the process easier, create a holiday decorating plan by identifying key areas in your home that you’d like to highlight. These could include the front of the house, living room, dining area, and any other areas where you and your family spend the most time. Consider using a theme for your decorations, such as classic red and green or a Christmas theme, to create a cohesive and festive look throughout your new home.

Some quick and easy ways to decorate your new home for the holidays include:

  • Hanging string lights along the exterior of your home or on your balcony to create a warm and inviting ambience.
  • Placing a Christmas tree in a prominent spot in your living room and adorning it with ornaments, lights, and a tree topper.
  • Displaying a cheerful wreath on your front door to welcome guests and create a festive entrance.
  • Arranging holiday-themed pillows, blankets, and curtains in your living room and bedrooms to add a cosy and festive touch.
  • Creating a holiday-themed centrepiece for your dining table using candles, ornaments, or seasonal flowers.
  • Adding festive touches to shelves, mantels, and coffee tables with small holiday-themed decorations such as snow globes, nutcrackers, or miniature Christmas villages.
  • Incorporating scented candles or diffusers with festive fragrances like pine, cinnamon, or peppermint to fill your new home with the delightful aromas of the holiday season.
  • Don't forget to hang stockings by the fireplace or on a designated mantle area, ready for Santa's visit.

How to Keep the Holiday Spirit Alive Despite The Move

Despite the chaos and stress of a holiday move, it's important to keep the holiday spirit alive. Here are some tips to help you maintain the festive atmosphere during your relocation:


Maintain your traditions:

Even if you're in a different location, try to keep up with your usual holiday traditions. Decorate your new space with familiar ornaments and decorations, play your favourite holiday music, and continue any special rituals or activities that you would normally do during the holiday season.

  • Take breaks for holiday activities:

    In the midst of unpacking and organising, be sure to schedule breaks to engage in holiday activities. This could include baking cookies, watching holiday movies, or going to see festive decorations around your new neighbourhood.

  • Connect with the community:

    Get involved in local holiday events or volunteer at a local charity. This will not only help you get into the holiday spirit, but it will also allow you to meet new people and become more familiar with your new community.

  • Invite loved ones to visit:

    If possible, invite family and friends to come visit you during the holiday season. This will not only give you a chance to spend time with loved ones but also create a sense of familiarity and comfort during the transition period.

  • Don't Forget Self-Care:

    It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of moving, but make sure to take care of yourself during this busy time. Take breaks to relax and recharge, whether it's by meditating, taking a walk, or indulging in a little self-care activity, such as taking a long bath or treating yourself to a massage.

  • Make new memories:

    Embrace the opportunity to create new holiday memories in your new home. Host a small gathering or dinner party, explore the local area for festive activities or attractions, and embrace any unique traditions or customs that are celebrated in your new community.

Ready To Settle In for the Holidays?

No matter how hectic your holiday move may be, following this holiday moving guide will help you navigate the process while still maintaining the joy and spirit of the season. By taking steps to prepare in advance, staying organised, and knowing how to prioritise your holiday preparations, you can ensure a smooth transition and a memorable holiday season in your new home.

To make your holiday move more efficient and as seamless as possible, consider choosing the professional movers at Chess Moving. We offer comprehensive and reliable moving services that can help you with all aspects of your holiday relocation. By entrusting your move to our reliable movers, you'll have the best chance of enjoying a stress-free relocation this holiday season.

For more information, visit Chess Moving or call us on 📞 131469.


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