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Hiring A Moving Company: Everything You Need to Know to Make the Right Choice

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Moving is quite a stressful period. On top of that, if you are saddled by a sketchy moving company, it only adds to your worry. That is why it is imperative to choose a reliable, trusted and experienced moving company that guarantees the security of all your belongings.

Chess Moving is the perfect choice in all these aspects, having been around for over a century with centres across the country. Whether you are moving within the city, state or country, our services will aid you in making the process smooth and hassle-free. Here are a few pointers on how to make the right choice when picking a moving company.


The service quality of the moving company you choose determines the fate of all the possessions you are moving. Hence, being careful in the selection process is a must. Here is how you can ensure a wise choice:

Do Your Research

A thorough background check of the company helps you find out the reliability or shadiness of the company. Check the kinds of services they provide and how much experience they have to know if they are capable of handling the job. Check if they have a website and NAP details to verify their trustworthiness.

Ask for Quotes

Ask the company for quotes to get clues about their suitability. How they calculate the estimate, how much of the process they handle, whether there are any hidden costs – all of this can be perceived by noticing the quoting procedure of the company. Also, get quotes from 3-4 different movers to get the best rates and request a digital or physical copy of the same.

Confirm Registrations and Licenses

Checking the registrations and licenses of the company not only verifies that it is trusty but also provides a guarantee of service. Check if the moving company is AFRA-accredited and if its vehicles are properly registered and licensed. Ensure that the workers who will handle your things have the necessary training and qualifications.

Obtain Testimonials

Do a thorough check of the reviews and ratings of the moving company you shortlisted. Ask the company to connect you with their customers for live testimonials – it is the best way to get an idea about the pros and cons of their services.

Check About Insurance

One thing that you must ensure is whether the company provides insurance for the luggage they will be transporting against any kind of damage or theft. Insurance gives you a guarantee of the safety of your belongings.

Understand the Level of Services

Will the moving company take care of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking? Will they provide the packing boxes? Is the delivery door-to-door? Are cleaning services provided? Do they have storage options? Ensure that you confirm exactly the service you will get for the price you are paying.

Enquire About Third-Party Involvement

Always find out if the company uses subcontractors to provide their services or manages the operations themselves. Also, ask if the vehicle fleet they use is rented or owned. If outsourced, enquire about the level of liability taken. The answers to these questions tell you if the company takes accountability and gives compensation for damages or stolen goods.

Pay Heed to Red Flags

Sometimes, we pick a company because it seems the easiest or cheapest option while ignoring signs that it is not respectable or transparent in its dealings. A company that refuses to be upfront about its operations or demands a huge cash payment even before you have availed of its services is not a trustworthy option.

Ask Questions

There is no shame in asking questions when you are paying for a service. Make as many enquiries as you need so that you are absolutely sure of what you are getting. Having your confusions cleared now will ensure there are no disputes later.

Why Hire a Specialist Mover

A specialist moving company provides benefits that a conventional one cannot. Not only do they have vast knowledge and expert skills to move the usual stuff from homes but they also have the resources for moving items like boats, caravans, pianos, etc. that require special effort. If anyone can safely move your belongings, it is a specialist moving company like Chess Moving.


If you are wondering what makes us special, here are a few reasons to choose us over others in Australia:

Offices Across Australia

We are present all across the country, with offices in all the capital cities as well as many regional centres. This means that no matter what your current and future address is, we can handle the transportation with ease. We do door-to-door delivery so you do not have to worry about extra hassle and costs.

A Century of Experience

Very few moving companies, if any, have been around as long as we have. With over 100 years of experience, there is nothing we don’t know about the industry. Our experience imparts us with extensive knowledge that we apply in our operations for the highest quality of services every time.

Guarantee of Service

Our business is registered and follows all the legislation and codes of practice necessary in the field. Our services follow all regulations and meet, if not exceed the standards of business for moving. Moreover, we provide insurance for your belongings to protect them against theft or damage of any manner.

Highly Trained Team

All our workers have the necessary training and qualifications to undertake any moving job. We are constantly improving and staying updated on the latest industry practices to maintain the standard of our services. We take feedback from our customers so we can make it even more conducive to your needs.

Family-Owned and Run

Our company is owned and operated by an Australian family. Hence, we not only inculcate those values in our business but we also understand the unique needs of Australians. We own and manage our own vehicle fleet too; hence, our guarantee extends to every part of the moving and transportation process.

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If you are looking for the best and most dedicated movers in Australia, look no further. Chess Moving is the right one for the job.

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