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6 Tips for Moving Around School Holidays

Tips For Moving Around School Holidays

Hire Your Movers Early

The school holidays are some of the busiest times of the year for removalists. Booking your movers early is the best way to ensure your preferred movers are available. Early planning will help you secure the services of a moving company that you trust and one which has competitive rates.

Leave it too late and you may have to settle for a more expensive quote or movers you aren’t confident about. This is especially true if you’re moving around Christmas, New Year, or Easter, when some moving companies may close down or run with a skeleton staff. As soon as you know when you’re moving, start obtaining quotes and lock in your moving company.

Consider a an Early- or Mid-Week Move

Fridays and Saturdays are always the most popular days to move because adults who work through the week don’t need to take a lot of days off work to move and settle in. However, during the school holidays, movers are even more in demand over these ordinarily busy days. By choosing another day, you’ll be more likely to secure the movers you want at a great price. The potential savings could make it worth surrendering some of your annual leave.

Book Your Leave Early

If you’ll need to take some time off work to move house, make sure you get it approved early. School holidays are some of the most popular times for Australian employees to request time off. Your leave request will compete with the parents who don’t have babysitters for their children and the ones planning to travel with their kids. Asking early will increase the chances your leave request will be granted.

Enrol Your Children in a New School

If you’re moving far from your old home, your children will need to enrol in a new school. Large cities and suburbs often have several schools which should be researched to find the best fit.

If your child has a particular interest in academics, sport, or music for example, look for schools with good programs in these areas. School websites typically detail these types of things, but for a real sense of a new school, make sure you visit in person. Make an appointment to talk to the principals and teachers at schools you’re interested in. If your children are old enough, involve them in the process.

Transition From a New School to an Old One

You might be focused on a new school for your children, but don’t forget to tie up loose ends at their old school. Inform your children’s current principal and teachers that they’re leaving. Your children won’t need their uniforms anymore, so donate them to the school’s uniform pool. 

Once you’ve settled on a new school, make sure to speak to its principal about enrolment. It’s also a good opportunity to ask about buddy systems and extracurricular activities which could help your children settle in. These programs will help your children make new friends and feel more at home at their new school. Also, get details of the uniform, textbooks, required stationery, and other items so your children have everything they need for their first day. It’s best to buy these after you’ve moved to limit the items you’re packing.

Get All Hands on Deck

During the school holidays you’re probably going to have more people on hand to help you than during the school term. Your children aren’t so busy with homework and assignments, and perhaps you and your spouse are also enjoying some time off work. Use all those extra bodies to your advantage to get your packing done in a fraction of the time.

Even kindergarteners and kids in prep are capable of packing up their toys and clothes, although you may need to supervise your children while they pack fragile goods. Challenging them to get rid of as much clutter as possible can turn packing into a game and cut down on your moving expenses. 

Some social time is important for children, especially if they’re moving far away from their friends, but make sure this is balanced with their responsibilities to the move. Many children enjoy the challenge of taking on adult duties and will relish the responsibility that comes with moving. If your kids aren’t so keen, promising them a sleepover or party with their old friends once you’re settled should help keep them motivated.

Once you arrive at your new home, let your children unpack their own possessions. Deciding where everything will go and arranging personal treasures in a new room is a great way to make it feel like home.

With these tips in mind, you can ensure your school holiday move runs smoothly.


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