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6 Items You Can't Transport to the UK from Australia

You're packing your bags and boxes, preparing for a move from Australia to the UK. Before you ship your prized possessions overseas to your new destination, make sure you take into account what you're not allowed to move. The UK has strict guidelines on which household goods are permitted within its borders, which should be kept in mind to avoid any future hassles or troubles. 

1. Animals

With the exception of household pets such as dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents, and birds, it is considered a crime to transport animals from Australia to the UK. According to the UK Government, pets can be transported as long as the pet has a microchip, rabies vaccination, and third country veterinary certificate. Dogs are also required to have tapeworm treatment.

Animal products like skins, reptile leather, and ivory also aren't allowed into the UK. This is especially true for endangered species.

2. Most Food

The United Kingdom does not allow any travellers to bring meat, poultry, certain plants, seeds, vegetables, and fruits to their country. It's a good idea to leave these items with friends or family in Australia or dispose of them so you don't get caught up in customs. 

3. Firearms

The UK also doesn't permit you to bring personal firearms with you if you're moving to the UK. This includes electric shock batons, gas pistols, stun guns, and similar weapons. It's illegal to own a handgun or any other kind of gun in the UK. Explosives like fireworks also aren't allowed to be moved from Australia into the UK.

4. Self-Defence Items

This includes pepper sprays and knives. Although allowed in many countries around the world, it's illegal to have them in the UK as they're considered illegal weapons. In addition to pepper sprays and knives, swords that exceed 50 centimetres are also prohibited.

5. Aerosols

Cleaning products, hair sprays, and other aerosol cans are also prohibited items. During the move, these types of sprays can be jostled or heated to temperatures that cause the cans to explode. Explosions of the aerosol cans can cause leaks, damage, and can be flammable under certain conditions. These should be disposed of safely, rather than packed for relocation.

6. Drugs or Medications


Pack any prescription medications in your carry-on or checked-in luggage rather than ask your moving company to transport it for you. Of course, illegal drugs of any kind aren't permitted in the United Kingdom. UK customs require you to have a prescription or note from your doctor for each medication that you carry in your luggage.

Making a move from Australia to the UK can be an exciting adventure; don't let items you're not allowed to bring with you slow down your travels. Before you pack your bags and boxes, make sure you don't have any items that are illegal or prohibited amongst your belongings.


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