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4 Tips for Preparing Fragile Items for Moving

Moving fragile items

Whether you're moving across the street or to another country, you want your fragile items to arrive in one piece when you get there. The following tips can help you pack these items safely for your move.

1. Stack China Cups and Plates Differently

When packing china, it's important to layer the bottom of the box with foam or packing peanuts. To pack cups, wrap each one in bubble wrap or newspaper and stack them in the box standing upright. Plates are stronger standing up, so instead of stacking them in the box like you would on a shelf, wrap each plate in newspaper or bubble and stack them vertically.

You'll want to remove the lids from any bowls and wrap them separately, too. If your box is big enough to have multiple layers of dishes, place a cardboard divider between each layer for extra protection. Once your box is full, use paper or packing peanuts to fill any extra space.

2. Wrap Mirrors and Picture Frames Separately

Wrap each picture frame or mirror in newspaper or bubble, stacking them vertically in a small to medium-sized box. Also, use paper or packing peanuts between each item for added protection.

Finally, layer the top of the box with packing peanuts or paper, securing it with tape. If your picture or mirror is three feet or taller, it's best to wrap a blanket around it for protection during your move.

3. Pack Antiques with Extra Cardboard

For antiques or oddly shaped items, wrap the entire item in bubble wrap. Next, take two pieces of bendable cardboard and place these on the top and bottom of your item. Bend the cardboard so that it wraps around your item, and secure it with packing tape.

After that, line the bottom of a box that's big enough for your item with paper or packing peanuts. Place your item in the box, fill any space with more paper or packing peanuts, and top the box off with the same material.

4. Colour Code Your Electronics

If you have the original box the electronic item came in, it's always best to use that when you're packing it up to move. However, if you don't, you can use a sturdy cardboard box instead.

Before you disconnect any wires on your electronics equipment, create a diagram to help you easily remember how to plug everything back in. This can also be done by colour coding or numbering each wire and port. Then, put all the wires in a plastic bag and pack it in the same box as your electronic item so they don't get separated. Finally, wrap your item in anti-static bubble wrap, place it in the box, and fill any extra space with paper.

Make sure you mark the boxes that contain fragile items so that extra caution is taken when moving these boxes. If you're worried about moving your fragile items, Chess Moving employs specialised movers who use the highest standards and can even prepare your items for moving. For a quote, call our team on 13 14 69.


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