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Why Insurance is a Need?

Moving can be high risk.

Despite 560 years combined experience and absolute care by some of the best trained professional removalists in the industry, the reality is that your belongings are at a much greater risk of loss or damage while being moved. 

There are four main reasons for taking removals transit and storage insurance.

1. Most Belongings are not made to be moved.

Whilst Chess Moving uses the highest standards of care and skill in making sure that your belongings are properly handled and protected, there is always the risk of an accident or influences outside our control which may cause damage or even loss of your belongings. The lighter construction of furniture these days is making it harder and harder for removalists to relocate furniture – even more now with the rise in popularity of flatpacked furniture, which is not designed to be moved in its assembled state.

Chess Moving takes pride and responsibility in offering you the protection you need. We offer you our skills and expertise in performing our professional services to minimize risk, and in addition we offer you the peace of mind and assurance of protection against accidents and forces of nature outside our control.

2. Contents insurance is unlikely to cover your belongings.

Most, if not all, home furnishings and belongings are not designed or built to be moved, and are therefore at a much higher risk of loss or damage when they are. 

3. Removalists' insurance only covers their own legal liability.

Most prominent removal companies have in place commercial Carriers Liability and Public Liability insurance policies:

  • This protects the removal company against their legal liability to pay compensation for loss or damage in the unlikely event that they are deemed to be negligent. 
  • Compensation under the above policies is limited to the indemnity value of the item(s) which takes into consideration the replacement value less an allowance for age and condition, wear and tear, and depreciation (not replacement value). 
  • If the removal company is deemed not to be negligent for circumstances beyond their control, or if the incident is caused by the act of a third party, the removalist’s own policy does not cover these incidents. Any claim for loss or damage will need to be pursued directly against the negligent party or against your own insurer. 

4. For financial security and peace of mind.

To ensure your peace of mind against unforeseen circumstances, we can arrange Transit Insurance Cover for you to minimise your risk and the exposure you can be subject to in the unfortunate event of an accident or major incident occurring.

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Why Chess Moving is the Right Insurance for You?

We understand the importance of protecting you and your family or business.

In consultation with our insurance broker, we have in place a policy where we can arrange to cover the specific risks associated with moving and storage of your valuable househould goods and personal effects.

Our Insurance Policy is based on:


Straightforward, easy to understand and simple to arrange.


You have the choice of risk cover options, level of protection.


Select a level of protection, with premium to work within your budget.


Accessibile in house claim lodgement assistance should the need arise.

When you select our insurance, no matter what method of transit across road, rail, air or sea, or in storage for any length of time, our total door-to-door coverage offers your belongings continuous protection from their first to last movement. 

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When Things Do Go Wrong, Chess Moving Insurance Can Protect You


Unfortunately the reality of ‘transport and logistics’ is that ships sometimes have to jettison containers, trucks can be overturned, warehouses can catch on fire, and a variety of other accidents can occur.

When you select our insurance, no matter what method of transit across road, rail, air or sea, or in storage for any length of time, our total door-to-door coverage offers your belongings continuous protection from their first to last movement.

Photograph of a moving truck crash - insure your removal


Know the Law of the Sea

All goods shipped by sea are subject to the law of General Average.

Photograph of a moving truck crash - insure your removal

General Average, is a priniciple of maritime law where, in the event of an emergency voluntary sacrifice is made to safeguard the vessel, cargo or crew from a common peril (e.g. jettison of cargo to extinguish a fire), or expenses incurred otherwise, the loss is shared proportionately by all parties with a financial interest in the voyage.

In other words, if there is a loss on a ship that you have your belongings stored on, whether your belongings are affected or not, if you are not specifically insured against General Average you may incur significant expense to compensate those who were affected.

This is why all Chess Moving Insurance includes coverage for General Average & Salvage.

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Moving Information & Advice

Moving House Checklist

The Do's and Donts checklist, filled with moving house safety tips.

Moving Dangerous Goods

Advice for your upcoming move on dangerous goods.

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Which Chess Moving Insurance Option is Best for You?

The insurance we can arrange for you offers the flexibility you want, the cover you need, plus the added protection you deserve. It’s quick and easy to decide on a policy because we make the choice all about you. Just move through these simple steps. 

1. Select Your Required Cover

Transit Cover

Transit & Storage Cover

Australia Wide Storage Only Cover

2. Select the Risks to be Insured

Chess Moving Premium Cover

Full Cover Risks

Insures your valuable belongings against loss or damage from an external cause, including accidental damage, as well as:

  • General Average & Salvage charges
  • Automatic additional policy extensions:
    • Pairs and Sets;
    • Normal Atmospheric & Climatic Conditions (mould & mildew); or
    • Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic Breakdown or Derangement (not covered for motor vehicles, motor bikes, caravans, boats and trailers)



Chess Moving Full Cover

Full Cover Risks

 nsures your valuable belongings against loss or damage from an external cause, including accidental damage, as well as:

  • General Average & Salvage charges
Does Not Cover

Automatic additional policy extensions included in Premium Cover, (e.g. Pairs and Sets, Normal Atmospheric & Climatic Conditions, Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic Breakdown or Derangement.) 

Chess Moving Restricted Cover

Restricted Cover Risks

Insures your valuable belongings against loss or damage resulting from: damage, as well as:

  • Fire, explosion, lightning or flood;
  • Overturning, jacknifing and /or derailment of cenveyance;
  • Collision of vessel, aircraft or conveyance;
  • Crashing or forced landing of any aircraft;
  • Stranding, sinking or contact of vessel with an external object other than water;
  • Entry of water into any vessel, hold, container liftvan or place of storage;
  • Discharge of goods at a port of distress;
  • Jettison of goods from a vessel; or
  • Theft, Pilferage or Non delivery of an entire package or item.

Chess Moving Australia Wide Storage Only

Insures your valuable belongings Australia wide for storage risks of fire, lightning, aircraft, earthquake, storm and tempest, flood, water from fixed pipes or systems, riots, strikes and civil commotion, explosion, impact damage and burglary (burglary limited to $25,000).


 Note: Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for the full terms and conditions of cover.

3. Basis of Settlement

Choose from Either Replacement Cost or Market Value

Replacement Cost - 'new for old'

You’re covered for the full replacement cost for any items totally lost or destroyed, or reasonable cost of repairs or restoration if damaged. (Computers and computer accessories, clothing, motor vehicles, motor bikes, caravans, boats and trailers can only be insured for their Market Value.)

For items declared in the ‘Valuables’ clause and items declared under ‘Option B: Specified Items Method’, the sum insured is limited to the declared value nominated by you on your Insurance Declaration.

Market Value

Replacement Cost less an allowance for age, condition, wear & tear and depreciation

4. Decide on your Insured Value

There are two methods of caluclating the Valuation of your goods.

Valuation Option A - Volume Method

The Volume Method derives a declared value of your belongings by multiplying a per cubic metre (m3) valuation rate by the total cubic metre volume of your consignment. To arrive at your insured value, simply multiply the volume of your consignment (per your removals expert), by the minimum value of A$2,500/m3 within Australia, or A$3,500/m3 for overseas.

Valuation Option B - Specified Items Method

The specified Items Method derives a declared value of your belongings by the sum total of your specified value of each of your items. To arrive at your insured value, complete the detailed Specified Items Method form by nominating the actual Replacement Cost or Market Value of your items

Important Notes

  • Carefully consider the appropriate basis of valuation method (‘Option A’ or ‘Option B’), as this will be used in the event of a claim, and the amount nominated by you is the maximum value payable under the policy.
  • Carefully consider whether the minimum cubic metre values specified in ‘Option A’ are sufficient for your needs. If the nominated amounts are insufficient, please amend with the value that suits your needs and then calculate the declared replacement cost of your consignment.
  • When moving overseas, allow for any increase in the cost of goods at your country of destination, or any variances in the currency exchange rates.
  • In both valuation methods (‘Option A’ or ‘Option B’), you will also need to complete the Valuables Table nominating and valuing any antique, curio, plate, precious object, work of art, collection of items, fur, piece of precision equipment or similar, or professionally packed carton by Chess Moving where the value exceeds A$2,000. This amount will then be added to the total insured value; otherwise, if not specified, the item will be limited to a maximum value of A$2,000.
  • In ‘Option B’, items that are not declared are not insured.


Financial Services Guide

Terms and Conditions of Contract within Australia

Terms and Conditions of Contract International

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