Removalists Canberra

Are you looking to move yourself, your family or your business to or from our beloved capital city of Canberra? Have you spent what feels like forever searching all over the internet for reasonable quotes from Canberra removalists? Are you tired of subpar customer service coupled with ridiculously high quotes? Or seemingly decent quotes that come with a host of unwanted extras?

It can be extremely frustrating finding the right removalists for the needs of your move.

But your online journey is finally over, you've come to the right place!

If you're looking for a reliable, friendly, versatile and extremely experienced removalist service Chess Moving Canberra can cover all your removals needs!

Removalists Canberra
Chess Moving Canberra provide removalist services to all Canberra and ACT
Chess Moving offers unbeatable removalist service in Canberra and surrounding area.

Whether you're moving within Canberra, interstate, or even to another country, you can count on Chess Moving to provide a wide range of experienced, reliable, helpful and friendly removalists services.

Our dedicated and highly knowledgeable staff will give you the right advice and deliver on time, every time.

About Canberra

A great removalists service should know every inch of the city in which they operate. It helps them to keep their promises to deliver on time. After all, moving is stressful enough without having to worry about late or unreliable removers.

Fortunately, we know (and love) every inch of Canberra. Our nation's capital city and one of the most historically important cities in the country, Canberra is home to over 380,000 people. If you're about to join their ranks we think you'll have a lot to look forward to. And if you're leaving we're guessing there's a lot that you'll miss.

Of course, Canberra has the great public transport, outstanding schools and superb range of amenities (including more gourmet restaurants than you could shake a fork at) that you'd expect from a capital city but there really is nowhere in the world quite like Canberra. There's a lot that makes this wonderful city unique. For example, there are few major conurbations that boast so many nature reserves and areas of natural bushland (they don't call it "the bush capital" for nothing!).

Canberra offers a wealth of fun activities that even most capital cities would struggle to match. There aren't that many cities where you can take hot air balloon rides, stroll through a gorgeous National Arboretum and enjoy a world-class meal in the same day!

About Chess Removals

We're one of the largest removalists services in Australia but that doesn't mean that we've forgotten about the personal touch. Indeed, we pride ourselves on providing the facilities of a large national company, combined with the individual customer care of the smallest small business. With the comprehensive range of services combined with peerless skill and experience we're ideally positioned to make sure that your move goes seamlessly.

We know perfectly well how stressful moving can be, and making such a potentially stressful process effortless for you is our obsession! That's why we offer a highly comprehensive range of removals services including:

We don't believe in delivering "one-size-fits all" solutions to our customers. Instead, we deliver services which are specifically tailored to the unique needs of your move. That means no unpleasant surprises or unnecessary extra costs for you!

Why choose us?

We are an Australian owned and run family company with over a century of experience in the removals business. No, really! We've been helping Australians move their homes and businesses for over 100 years!

In all that time we've learned a lot and grown a great deal, establishing presences in all the country's major cities... but we've never lost sight of the old-fashioned ideals and passion for customer service that got us here in the first place!

We know that every move is different and whether you're moving from one Canberra property to another, moving to a different state or even moving to another country we can provide a comprehensive service tailored to suit your needs and built on over a century of removals experience. Quite simply, there are no safer hands in all of Australia in which to place your move.

Why entrust your precious belongings and your important home or office move with anyone but the best?

Contact us today to arrange a comprehensive and zero-obligation quote.

We can't wait to start working with you!