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Your Faithful Guide To Moving Overseas

Anyone who has spent at least a small amount of time researching the possibility of moving to another country can probably testify of the the entire process being quite difficult. Without someone to guide you through all the various challenges that can appear, you're likely to run into many problems - some of which aren't easily solved. This is why we, at Chess Moving International, have made it our mission to assist all those who are considering moving overseas. Our services include a comprehensive list of tasks, well-organized to fit the specific preferences of virtually any customer. Whether you want to travel to Singapore or Malaysia, or you wish to move all the way to Canada or the United States, our company will be up to the task of assisting you in every way possible.

Visa Information

Chess Moving International works with some of the world's leading immigration and finance consultancy companies that can provide you with information on all the visa related details for your country of choice.

Basically, the idea is those who choose a country to move to often have to learn all about visas, as well as the documents and fees required for getting to them. These differ for every nation, and receiving a visa for some locations is far more difficult than for others.

On the Chess Moving website you can find links to the official websites of the companies mentioned above, as well as to informational websites that provide insight on immigration laws that apply to some well-known countries such as the US, Great Britain, Japan, China and Singapore.

Why Choose Chess Moving Services for Moving Overseas?

Perhaps the strongest qualities that Chess Moving International has when it comes to helping people move to a different country are: an excellent customer service system that will never let you down and the set of competitively priced services created with flexibility and convenience in mind.

When you move overseas, these are the two traits you will likely look for in a moving company. We provide you with a clear and concise plan to help you decide in advance upon each step of the moving process in detail, and we will also offer you the services of our professionals to help you integrate yourself in the cultural and social setting of the country of your choice. Moreover, our experience and attention to detail in our work will ensure that your entire moving process will go smoothly even if you move to the other side of the globe.

How You Can Contact Us

The easiest way to apply for our services is through our website at You will find the phone number on the main page, and you can also contact us by email through the contact link at the top of the page.

Do not hesitate to call or write regarding any matter related to our services, as one of our qualified professionals will always be available to assist you. For the best prices on the internet, contact us as soon as possible. Also, you can fill in a short form and get a quick price indication or enter your phone number for an instant callback.


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