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Why do you need Moving Insurance during Relocation


Removals Insurance FAQs AND Why do you need Moving Insurance during Relocation

Whether you are moving your family or business down the street, interstate or even overseas, you need peace of mind knowing that your items and goods are protected. 

A Wealth Of Experience

Chess Moving is a wholly Australian owned and operated removalist company. With offices located in every main city, as well as regional centres, we provide relocation services for all, from individuals, families and business types.

Being a shareholder member of the Harmony Relocation Network and several other Australian and international industry associations, Chess Moving holds industry experience dating back from 1887.

Boasting low insurance claim numbers, we pride ourselves in providing dependable, helpful and friendly removal services. With well-trained and knowledgeable staff, you will receive the right advice and care from start to finish. To guarantee this level of service, we meticulously plan, manage and handle every detail of your relocation with the utmost care, enabling us to deliver on time, every time.

When packing for your move, our team will take every possible precaution to handle and pack your content with care.

Transit, Storage And Moving Insurance

Whilst every possible precaution is being taken to ensure your possessions are safe and secure, there are occasions, outside our control, where we cannot protect and safeguard your items. When your items can be exposed to damage or loss due to unavoidable and unforeseen situations or circumstances. Where there is a risk, there is a need for insurance and protection. In the same way, you insure your home, belongings and car, it is recommended that you take out transit, moving and storage insurance. It isn’t guaranteed that your home insurance will cover your worldly belongings when it comes to moving. Therefore, taking out specific insurance in place will ensure they remain protected whilst they are being transported or in storage.

Interstate And International Moving

Moving interstate or international relocation, your items pass through and can be handled by external agencies, such as quarantine and customs. As these agencies are not part of our firm, your belongings may inadvertently incur damage out of our control. With that in mind and for the security of your items and belongings, we at Chess Moving recommend that all of our clients seize the opportunity to take out transit, storage and moving insurance and apply all the possible safeguarding measures for your items. 

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All You Need To Know About Moving Insurance And Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should We Take Out Transit Insurance?

You are taking this insurance out to protect your belongings in the event of unforeseen events or situations arising that could potentially cause impact or damage to your belongings.

What Policies Do You Offer?

The policies we are able to offer cover all aspects of transit, moving and storage insurance. We offer a variety of different levels of cover to provide insurance suitable for each individual's personal or business needs. Call us to discuss your options and which policy will be most appropriate.

What Should I Insure?

Choosing what to insure is a personal decision and not one we can specifically offer advice on. We do, however, recommend that you ensure you have adequate protection in place for all items. Also, be mindful that the insurance premium quoted is based on the insurance of all of your belongings.

How Should I Work Out The Value Of My Goods?

It is not within our scope to specifically advise on what you should be valuing your belonging for. We can, however, generate and provide you with average values of everyday household and business items that can be used for indicative purposes. As these are indicative, we also recommend that you should check that the value is a fair and accurate representation of your individual items that are being moved or placed in storage.

How Do I Know What I am Insured Against?

Your Product Disclosure Statement and Insurance Policy Wording documents will summarize exactly what your policy covers. They will also provide you with information on the varying cover options available and what is not covered.

Do I Need Separate Insure For When My Goods Are In Storage?

It is advisable to have insurance in place for goods in storage to protect them from unforeseen damage or issue. Please call us for free to discuss what options are available.

How Likely Is It That My Goods Will Get Damaged During the Move Or When In Storage?

All efforts and precautions will be taken to ensure your goods don’t get damaged. However, there are eventualities and other operations that can be present through the moving process such as customs, quarantine and other transport services such as airlines or railways, where eventualities or damage can occur out of our control.

Do You Recommend Taking Out Insurance For The Move?

Yes, whilst throughout every aspect of your move, every care is taken to ensure that your goods make it damage-free to their new destination. There can be occasions where accidents and incidents happen. This is why Chess Moving offers insurance to ensure that you have your goods protected.

Does The Insurance Need To Be Taken Out With Chess Moving?

There is no requirement that you choose and take out our insurance. However, the policies we offer have been designed to provide our customers with the best insurance available, by tailoring it specifically to our industry.

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Which Insurance Cover Should I Choose?

There is no unique policy that fits all requirements. We provide and offer a vast range of different insurance policy options to meet each individual client’s needs. To ensure that you get the cover you require, we recommend that you start off by listing your goods. Once listed, call us on our freephone number, and we can discuss which policy and coverage will be best.

Do I Have To Pay An Excess In The Event Of A Claim?

There is an excess of $100. You, however, do not need to pay this upfront in the event of a claim. The excess gets deducted from any claim payout amount.

Do I Need To Be Present At The Uplift And Delivery?

We do require that you or an authorized representative be present for both the uplift and the delivery. This is especially important for the delivery, as this they can advise and guide our team on where your items should be placed.

If I Pack The Boxes, Can I Still Insure Them?

Insurance can still be offered should you choose to package your goods yourself. Call our team to discuss the level of cover that can be offered on our freephone number.

Does My Home, Content Or Business Insurance Cover My Items During The Move Or Whilst In Storage?

It is not in our remit to make comments on the insurance coverage you already hold. The levels of cover can vastly differ. For some, it may be adequate, but for others it may not be sufficient or covered at all. Our insurances are specifically made and tailored to the moving and storage industry, ensuring that the policies we offer are fully comprehensive and will meet any and all customer requirements.

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How Much Does Transit, Storage And Moving Insurance Cost?

The price for the insurance policy depends on a variety of factors, such as the value of the goods, the type of insurance selected, the distance of transit and the length of time the goods will be stored. Within all prices, any stamp duty and GST is included.

Do You Offer Insurance to Older Items Or Goods In Your Policies?

Chess Moving is committed to offering comprehensive insurance on all goods, for all customers. To offer a quote to provide moving or storage insurance for older items, call our freephone number and one of the team will assist.

Are There Hidden Costs?

The price provided for your insurance is fully comprehensive and there are no additional costs.

When Moving Goods Overseas, What Insurance Do I Need?

With a variety of different insurance options available to meet different needs and requirements, we would recommend calling and speaking to one of our experts to discuss the level of coverage most suited to your needs.

What Cannot Be Taken Overseas?

Each of the customs have its own specific set of regulations, which vary from one destination to another. If you are ever unsure, we will be able to discuss the regulations based on the destination country.

What Happens If You Damage Or Break Our Computers?

As our insurance policies cover all items included, you could claim against this damage through our policy.

Do I Have To Insure Every Single Item? Can I Just Insure Selected Items?

The insurance policies we offer have been calculated and offered based on a widespread range of different risks associated with personal and business goods. Therefore, we are not able to offer insurance on selected items. Due to how this is calculated, the overall premium we charge is based on the spread of risk over all items, which keeps our pricing competitive. Call to discuss the options we can offer.

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