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Turn your move into a holiday!

Take a detour

If you’re moving across the country or the world, why not take a small detour along the way? Once your belongings are packed up in the moving van, they’re not your concern anymore and they’re probably not going to arrive at your new home before you – so look at potential holiday destinations half way between your old home and new. We recommend finding somewhere that offers lots of relaxing opportunities, such as pools, beaches and open green spaces.

Get rid of the kids

While you might have to push through the move and everything it entails, you can definitely make it easier on yourself and your children by removing them from the equation entirely for a while. Ship them off to an extended sleepover at the grandparents house and free up the time you’d spend wrangling them to get the move over and done with quickly while giving your kid’s a mini holiday that lets them bond with grandma and grandad!

Hire packers

Everyone who has ever hired a team of packers to pack up their house always says it was the best decision of their lives. Make your next move easier by letting someone take care of the drudgery of packing and unpacking all of your belongings, they’ll probably even do a better job of it than you would – as they won’t become frustrated and give up wrapping plates and other fragile crockery and shoving it in a box like you might! It’ll also give you the opportunity to put your feet up with a glass of wine while someone else does the heavy lifting.

Make holiday plans

It’s not always feasible to have a holiday in the middle of a move, especially if you have real world work deadlines to meet and school to attend but that doesn’t mean you can’t still take a break! Sit down with the family and pick out a holiday destination that excites all of you and start to make plans that you can look forward to – we think you totally deserve a tropical getaway to celebrate your new home and the school holidays (when they finally come around!).


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