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Should You Take Your Furniture When You Move Overseas?

There are many decisions that you'll need to make when you're getting ready to move abroad. Of the many choices that await you, deciding what to do with your furniture can be one of the most difficult. Whether or not you should take your furniture with you when you move internationally will depend upon many factors, so there is no single "right" solution for every family.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind as you consider whether or not you should take your furniture when you move:

How far are you moving?

The further your move, the more difficult it will be to shift your furniture, meaning that if you're bound for New Zealand, it may be more practical to take your furniture than it would be for a move to the UK.

Do you have pieces that are irreplaceable because they are one-of-a-kind designer items, collector's items or heirlooms?

You may want to move irreplaceable furnishings regardless of the distance due to their monetary or sentimental value.

How does the size of your new home compare to your current one?

If you're going to have to scale back the amount of furniture in your home, you can save money by bringing only what will fit comfortably. If your new home is bigger, you may be less inclined to leave furniture behind.

Will your new home come with any furnishings or appliances?

Knowing in advance if anything will be left in your new house or apartment can help you make your decision regarding what to move.

Are there certain furnishings that you simply can't be without in your new home?

If there are key types of furnishings, such as a television for the children to watch in the living room, a desk in the home office and so on, you may want to replace these items when you arrive in your new home, so you don't have to wait for them to be imported.

Are there any items that cannot be imported to your destination? Are there high tariffs or taxes on importing any types of items?

You may need to replace items rather than ship them, depending on the laws of your new home country.

Do any of your furnishings, appliances or electronics need repairing, updating or replacing? Are any brand new?

You may want to leave behind out-dated, worn-out items and focus on bringing newer things with you.

What are the costs associated with moving your furniture?

Obtain quotes for moving all of your furnishings, only the essentials and must-have items and moving no large furnishings at all. Compare the rates and use them to determine how much of your furniture can be affordably moved.

What is your moving budget?

If your moving budget is small, you'll need to decide whether it's more cost-effective to move your items or replace them all. Do some research to determine the costs of the types of furnishings you'd be likely to replace in your new home and compare the anticipated total cost of replacements with the costs of moving.

Chess Moving can provide you quotes that outline our competitive international moving rates. We can also help you research the cost of items abroad and provide you with information about the import laws in your destination country.



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