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Sell it or Move it?: How to Choose What to Keep Before an International Move

Donating items before a move

With any move, there are always items that seem like they aren't worth the trouble to pack and carry to the next destination. When moving internationally, this is even more so the case because of the cost of moving items overseas. Packing is a great time to go through every item in the home and decide whether it's worth bringing, depending on the cost of the item in the new city or country.

Use Coloured Tags

If you're planning your move more than six months in advance, there's a simple and great system for determining the use of items. Tag everything in the home with a piece of coloured tape or label. If you use the item, remove the tag. When packing begins, anything that still has a tag should be re-evaluated for necessity. If something isn’t used for six months or more, there's a good chance that a person won’t use it or miss it much in the future. So put those items into your ‘donate’, ‘sell’, or ‘toss’ piles.

Swimming Pools

Above-ground swimming pools might be marketed as easy to disassemble and move, but when moving abroad, they really worth the added cost and labour. Check with neighbours and nearby friends to see if any of them wants to buy the swimming pool, and then use the money you earn to get a membership to an aquatic centre in the new neighbourhood.

Appliances and Fixtures

Before you start pulling fixtures off walls and disconnecting wires, check to make sure that your new home or apartment doesn’t already have these. In some European cities, renters and homeowners need to bring their own. However, in other parts of the world, residents leave them behind when they move. Therefore, if your new house already has a top-of-the-line refrigerator, you'll save money by leaving yours behind. Additionally, it may cost less to sell these items and buy new ones when you arrive, since moving heavy appliances or dangerous equipment could cost more in shipment.

Find Items to Donate

Throwing your stuff away might be too hard, but if you can donate items to a local charity, you’ll know your items will not have gone to waste. Many people try to sell large items, such as furniture and appliances, first and then will donate them if they don’t generate any interest. Friends and family may also have an interest in sentimental items or will store them for you.

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